Differences Between Webasto FCF Classic and FCF Platinum Units

Webasto FCF Classic vs FCF Platinum

People quite often ask what are the differences between Webasto’s FCF Classic and FCF Platinum series marine A/C units.

Both Webasto Air Conditioners series are intelligently designed, quiet, energy-efficient, and offer high BTU/h ratings across a variety of ambient scenarios. Both are reliable and have the same two year warranty from Webasto.

Both carry the same compressor, condenser, and blower, and both come standard with a digital control. However, here are some key differences between both series:


Webasto FCF Classic Series

Webasto FCF Classic


  • The Webasto FCF Classic has a steady fan speed
  • Only comes in 12,000 and 16,000 BTU models
  • Good replacement option for the Dometic ECD Units
  • More square base – will not work if space is an issue and trying to replace a Dometic DTU / DTG*

For the Webasto FCF Classic Series, see here…


Webasto FCF Platinum Series

Webasto FCF Platinum

  • The Webasto FCF Platinum Series includes an additional capacitor controls fan speeds allowing a greater range between low and high speeds
  • When the set temperature is reached, fan goes to very low speed to reduce noise even further
  • Comes in 6,000, 10,000, 12,000, 16,000, 20,000 and 25,000 BTU models
  • Good replacement option for the Dometic DTU / DTG Units – Similar footprint
  • Longer, narrower base

For the Webasto FCF Platinum Series, see here…


Comparison of Dimensions – Webasto FCF Classic to Platinum Series Units

Comparing the Webasto FCF Classic 12,000 BTU unit to the Webasto FCF Platinum 12,000, you can find the key differences in the footprint and overall layout of the units:



And here is a comparison of the Webasto FCF Classic 16,000 BTU unit to the Webasto FCF Platinum 16,000 unit:



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*Previously sold as Cruisair STX / STQ and Marine Air VTD units

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