Citimarine Plus Membership – Big Marine Savings

Are you ready to dive into an ocean of savings with Citimarine Plus? For an annual fee of only $50 dollars, this program opens the door to exclusive discounts on boating accessories from top marine brands that go beyond advertised rates, offering significant value and enhancing your boating experience without stretching your budget!

Citimarine Plus rewards you at every turn; each purchase earns points, leading to future savings and creating rewards with every transaction. Your points accumulate in your account, and when ready to apply the savings, just turn your points into a voucher with a discount code, and apply your discount in the checkout!

You can join Citimarine Plus without the worry of automatic-renewal; you’re in control, navigating whether to continue with the program each year. Join the growing community of more than 10,000 Citimarine Plus members looking for the best value on their purchases.

Here’s How To Join Citimarine Plus And Begin Saving 

  • Add the Citimarine Plus membership to your cart like you would any other product (if you don’t have a Citimarine Store account, you’ll be able to easily create one during the checkout process).
  • You can add the Citimarine Plus membership along with any product you’d like to receive CPlus pricing on, at the same time to the checkout, and the system will automatically give you the discounted pricing. No need for previous purchase of membership.
  • You’ll be eligible for the orange discounted price applied to thousands of products on our site. 
  • No auto-renewal — No gimmicks; you’ll be notified 30 days prior to your membership expiration.

Examples of Citimarine Plus Savings


What Boaters Have To Say About Citimarine Plus Membership

“Joining Citimarine Plus was a game-changer for outfitting my yacht without breaking the bank. The membership paid for itself after just one purchase with the exclusive discounts. Plus, the points system is a nice perk for future savings. Highly recommended for any boater looking to save!” – Angel H. 

“Citimarine Plus has elevated my shopping experience with their tailored discounts. It’s more than just savings; it’s about being part of a community that values smart shopping and rewards loyalty. I’m definitely renewing next year.” – Vince D. 

Citimarine Plus isn’t just about savings; it’s about smart shopping on marine accessories. Set your course for Citimarine Plus, and let’s make waves together! 

Citimarine Plus is available for purchase, here!

Citimarine Store
10801 NW 33rd St.
Miami, FL 33172

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