How Propeller Pitch and Diameter Affect Boat Performance

When purchasing a new marine propeller, it is important to know what propeller pitch and diameter would best suit your boat. With this guide, you will learn not only what propeller pitch and diameter are, but how they affect your boat’s performance.   What is Propeller Pitch? The propeller pitch is the distance that a […]

Raymarine Evolution Autopilot

Raymarine Evolution Autopilot Review & Selection Guide

Note: If you’re looking for Raymarine Evolution Autopilot Systems for Sale, both for Power and Sail Boats, we carry the complete line here: Raymarine Autopilot Systems For Sale Having to maintain control of your boat at all times can grow tiring, especially if in rainy or foggy weather. That’s when the comfort of a warm, dry cabin can […]

zinc anodes vs. aluminum anodes

When to Use Zinc Anodes or Aluminum Anodes on Your Boat

Zinc anodes, also known as sacrificial anodes, play a key role in the maintenance of your boat. The term “zincs” has become synonymous with sacrificial anodes, being that zinc was the original material used for this purpose. However, other metals, such as aluminum and magnesium, also work as sacrificial anodes. A sacrificial anode is made of […]

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