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Seabob Accessories

The Seabob is the fastest water sled on the market. (To purchase the Seabob, see here: SEABOB)

While driving a Sea-Doo is like taking a pleasant cruise around the block in a scooter, the Seabob is like strapping into a Lamborghini and tearing up a course without limits.

The Seabob F5 is a Lamborghini, the Seabob F5 S is a souped-up Lamborghini… and both will give you POWERFUL underwater performance. (To see more on the Seabob models, click on the individual listings, here or the Seabob price list here: Seabob Price)

With a range of 10 – 12 mph (trust me, underwater this is fast – dolphins swim at an average speed of 3 to 7 mph), and agile handling, you will be able to maneuver the waters with absolute speed and freedom.

And with the Seabob accessories available by Cayago, the manufacture of the Seabob, transport, storage and use of your Seabob has never been easier.

Seabob Accessories To Support The Speed, Performance, And Increased Use Of Your Water Sled

Seabob Performance Raise

With the optional Seabob Performance Raise (contact us for more info), you can increase the thrust of your Seabob F5 S by approx. 10%, and add two tail fins to increase the maneuverability further when driving underwater. The Performance Raise package comes with other perks (please see below in “fun / style” section).

Propelling at such high speeds requires support, and that is where the Seabob Pilot Belt comes in. Worn almost like a harness, and attached to the back of the Seabob, the Seabob Pilot Belt transforms the tremendous thrust of your water sled into an exhilarating riding experience and even greater agility in the water.

If you have scuba diving experience, you can add the optional Seabob Weights to your F5 or F5 S, designed to neutralize the Seabob’s buoyancy, allowing you to descend and explore depths of the ocean at newer speeds. With easy-installation of the weights, you’re set to go diving with your Seabob in seconds.

With the Seabob Quick Charger, you can cut down the regular 8 hour charging time of the F5 and F5 S to only 90 minutes! Get back in the water quicker, or get out into the water with less planning needed!

Seabob Quick Charger

Seabob Accessories to Improve the Fun and Style Of Your Seabob

Cayago has now introduced a camera system to their Seabobs, called the Seabob Cam. This system includes one camera in the front of the Seabob, which views and records all that is seen while moving forward, and transmits it onto your monitor / information display.  What is seen can be recorded and transmitted to any smartphone or device via WLAN technology. Photos can be taken as well.

Another Action-Selfie-Cam is placed on the monitor, which allows friends and families to view you in action, with the press of a button.

Lastly, color options for your Seabob are endless. Bi-color, Mico Green, Platin Silver, Milan Red… Whatever suits your style best. Adding a company name, logo or any other print in any other style is possible as well.

Seabob Custom Colors

Both the integrated camera system and custom color options are available with the Seabob Performance Raise package mentioned above, or can be purchased separately. For more yacht toys, see here: Best Yacht Toys

Make Transporting & Storing Your Seabob a Breeze

Seabob CartThe Seabob F5 weighs 63 lbs and the Seabob F5 S weighs 74 lbs. For the amount of power you’re getting packed into a compact design, that is quite a feat keeping the weight down to that level.

However, it’s still approx. 70 lbs. With the Seabob Cart, easy mounting hooks, lightweight design, stable construction and an adjustable handle make moving the Cart around no problem at all.

And when not in the water, there are two options for storage: the Seabob Rack, or the Seabob Bag.

With the Seabob Rack you can easily mount your Seabob against the wall, or on the floor, and with the Seabob Bag, you can just wrap your Seabob up in a strong and durable bag, perfect for not only storage, but transportation.

Where To Get A Seabob and All The Seabob Extras

Interested in the fastest water sled on the market, or it’s accessories? We have the Seabob F5 and Seabob F5 S, here: Seabob Accessories

We worked hard to be able to provide them at the lowest prices available, and offer free US shipping. Questions? We’re here.

Have a good one!
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