Marine Refrigerator Comparison / Cross Reference Table

Marine Refrigerator Comparison

In table below you can cross-reference key information about all the marine refrigerators we have available for sale, including the marine refrigerator prices. Brands we carry include Vitrifrigo, Nova Kool, and Isotherm. Use the table below to search by volume, dimensions or price on any of the marine refrigerators we carry, and feel free to sort by the column of your preference.

We offer Free US Shipping on any Marine Refrigerator that is not Oversized. If oversized, we have flat-rate freight shipping

– Residential Address Flat Rate Freight Shipping Cost is $320

– Commercial Address Flat RateFreight Shipping Cost is $250

Citations to Dometic products are for reference purposes ONLY. Citimarine does NOT sell Dometic products as Citimarine is NOT affiliated with Dometic.

R1200SSSingle Door1.2 cf24.75" H14" W14.5" to 16" D
R1600BLKSingle Door1.3 cf20.63" H15.625" W13.75" D
R1900BLKSingle Door1.9 cf20.63" H15.625" W17.75" D
R2600BLKSingle Door2.4 cf20.25" H18" W19.5" D
R3000BLKSingle Door2.5 cf25.5" H19.25" W15.5" D
R2300BLKSingle Door2.1 cf28.375" H16.75" W14" D
R3100BLKSingle Door3.0 cf28.375" H16.75" W18.5" D
R3800BLKSingle Door3.5 cf28.375" H20.25" W18" D
R4500BLKSingle Door4.3 cf28.375" H20.25" W21" D
R5810BLKSingle Door5.8 cf31.875" H23.25" W22" to 23.5" D
RFU6200BLKDouble Door6.0 cf47.33" H20.25" W20.5" D
RS4600BLKSide by Side4.2 cf28.375" H34.375" W14" D
RS6100BLKSide by Side5.6 cf28.375" H37.875" W16.5" D
RS7600BLKSide by Side7.0 cf28.375" H41.25" W18.5" D
RFS6100BLKSide by Side5.6 cf28.375" H37.875" W16.5" D
RFS6500BLKSide by Side6.4cf28.375" H37.875" W19.25" D
RFS7501BLKSide by Side7.5 cf34" H28" W22" D
F1200SSFreezer1.2 cf24.75" H14" W14.5" to 16" D
F1900BLKFreezer1.9 cf20.625" H15.625" W17.75" D
F2300BLKFreezer2.1 cf28.375" H16.75" W14" D
F2600BLKFreezer2.4 cf20.25" H18" W19.5" D
F3800BLKFreezer3.5 cf28.375" H20.25" W18" D
F5810BLKFreezer5.8 cf31.875" H23.25" W22" to 23.5" D
C39IBD4-F-1BLKSingle Door1.3 cf21.5625" H15.9375" W13.75" to 15.5"  D
C42RBD4-FBLKSingle Door1.4 cf21" H15.6" W14.9" D
C51IBD4-F-1BLKSingle Door1.8 cf21" H15.5625" W18.75" to 20.4375" D

C60IBD4-FBLKSingle Door2.1 cf24.5" H19.1" W17.8" D
C62IBD4-F-1BLKSingle Door2.2 cf21" H18.3125" W20.1875" to 21.8125" D
C75RBD4-FBLKSingle Door2.6 cf24.5" H 19.1" W17.9" D
C90IBD4-F-1BLKSingle Door3.1 cf24.5" H19.125" W20.0625" to 21.75" D
C85IBD4-F-1BLKSingle Door3.2 cf31.1875" H19.6875" W16.625" to 18.25" D
C115IBD4-F-1BLKSingle Door4.2 cf30.25" H21.25" W20.1875 to 21.875" D
C130RBD4-FBLKSingle Door4.7 cf30.25" H21.25" W22.06" D
C115IBP4-F Fridge OnlyBLKSingle Door4.2 cf30.25" H21.3" W21.9" D
DP150IBD4-FBLKDouble Door5.3 cf43.125" H21.0625" W20.875" D
DP2600IBD4-FBLKDouble Door8.1 cf52.9375" H23.4375" W23.6875" D
C42RXD4-FSSSingle Door1.4 cf20.9" H15.7" W14.8" D
C42RXP4-F Fridge OnlySSSingle Door1.4 cf20.9" H15.7" W14.8" D
C51IXD4-FSSSingle Door1.8 cf21.4375" H15.25" W19.6875" D
C60IXD4-F-1SSSingle Door2.1 cf24.4375" H19.1875" W17.9375" D
C62IXD4-F-1SSSingle Door2.2 cf20.875" H18.4375" W20-875" D
C75RXD4-FSSSingle Door2.6 cf24.4" H19.2" W17.8" D
C90IXD4-F-1SSSingle Door3.1 cf24.4375" H19.1875" W21.4375" D
C85IXD4-F-1SSSingle Door3.2 cf31.125" H19.8125" W18.0625" D
C115IXD4-F-1SSSingle Door4.2 cf30.1875" H21.375" W21.75" D
C130RXD4-FSSSingle Door4.7 cf30.06" H21.37" W21.87" D
C130RXP4-F Fridge OnlySSSingle Door4.7 cf30.06" H21.37" W27.87" D
DP2600IXD4-F-1SSDouble Door8.1 cf52.9375" H23.4375" W23.6875" D
C180IXP4-DSVSSSingle Door5.5 cf33.6875" H24.3125" W21.625" D
DW70RXP4-ESSSSingle Drawer *2.6 cf18.125" H26.25" W24.625" D
DW70RXN1-ESISSSingle Drawer ALL IN ONE2.6 cf18.125" H26.25" W24.625" D
DRW70AIXD4-FSSSingle Drawer ALL IN ONE2.8 cf17.68" H24.31" W21.25" to 23.25" D
DW70RXP4SSSingle Drawer Fridge2.6 cf17.68" H24.31" W
21.25" to 23.25" D
DW180IXD4 Flush SSDouble Drawer5.1 cf33.6875" H24.3125" W21.625" D
DW180IXD4 SurfaceSSDouble Drawer5.1 cf33.6875" H24.4375" W23.25" D
DW180 ALL IN ONESSDouble Drawer ALL IN ONE5.3 cf33.75" H24.3125" W21.25" to 23.25" D
DRW180AIXD4-DFSSDouble Drawer ALL IN ONE5.1 cf33.75" H24.31" W23.25" D
DW180IXP4SSDouble Drawer Fridge5.1 cf33.75" H24.31" W21.62" to 23.25" D
DW180IXN1SSDouble Drawer Freezer & Ice Maker5.1 cf33.75" H24.31" W21.62" to 23.25" D
DW210IXD4 SurfaceSSDouble Drawer6.3 cf34.4375" H27.1875" W23.0625" D
DW210IXD4 FlushSSDouble Drawer6.3 cf34.4375" H27.375" W24.625" D
DW250IXN4-ESVSSDoor / Drawer8.3 cf51.94" to 52.19" H24.313" W21.625" to 23.167" D
DW360 Flush / SurfaceSSDoor / Drawer10.6 cf66.688" to 66.938" H24.3125" W21.625" to 23.25" D
IMXTIXN1 FlushSSIce Maker0.8 cf18.8125" H16.25" W21.9375" D
IMXTIXN1 SurfaceSSIce Maker0.8 cf18.75" H14.125" W20.5625" D
IMHYDIXN1 FlushSSIce Maker0.8 cf24.9375" H14.4375" W16.125" D
IMHYDIXN1 SurfaceSSIce Maker0.8 cf24.75" H14.125" W14.5625" D
CD-030-D65-CBLKSingle Drawer1.03 cf9.8" H17" W28.7" D
CD30-DCW-AWHTSingle Drawer1.03 cf9.8" H17" W28.7" D
CRD-1050-S-BSSSingle Drawer1.7 cf21" H14.94" W19.69" D
CRX-1050UBLKSingle Door1.7 cf22.13" H17.81" W19.69" D
CRX-1065UBLKSingle Door2.3 cf21.75" H20.50" W21.44" D
CRX-1080UBLKSingle Door2.8 cf26.26" H21.57" W20.79" D
CRX-1110UBLKSingle Door3.8 cf30.39" H23.35" W21.97" D
CRX-1050SSSSingle Door1.7 cf21" H14.94" W19.69" D
CRX-1065SSSSingle Door2.3 cf20.63" H17.63" W21.44" D
CRX-1080SSSSingle Door2.8 cf25.19" H18.70" W20.79" D
CRX-1110SSSSingle Door3.8 cf29.33" H20.47" W21.97" D
CRX-1140SSSSingle Door4.2 cf31.96" H20.67" W24.40" D
CR49 ELSilverSingle Door1.75 cf20.7" H15" W17.6" D
CR65 ELSilverSingle Door2.3 cf20.9" H17.7" W19.4" D
CR85 ELSilverSingle Door3.0 cf24.7" H18.7" W19.6" D
CR130 ELSilverSingle Door4.6 cf29.6" H20.7" W19.4" D
CR36 ClassicBLKSingle Drawer1.3 cf10" H17.4" W20.3" D
CR40 ClassicWHTSingle Door1.4 cf17.1" H16.9" W16.5" D
CR90 ClassicBLKDouble Door3.1 cf33.5" H18.7" W16.8" D
CR100 ClassicBLKSingle Door3.5 cf29.3" H19.1" W17.9" D
CR130 ClassicBLKSingle Door4.6 cf29.6" H21.4" W19.9" D
CR165 ClassicSilverDouble Door5.8 cf48" H19.7" W20.3" D
CR195 ClassicBLKDouble Door6.9 cf52.9" H21.4" W22.5" D
CR200 ClassicBLKSide by Side7.0 cf34.7" H28.9" W24.3" D
CR219 ClassicSilverDouble Door7.8 cf57" H21.7" W21.5" D
CR271 ClassicSilverDouble Door9.3 cf65" H21.7" W20.5" D
CR36 INOXSSSingle Drawer1.3 cf10" H17.9" W21.7" D
CR42 INOXSSSingle Door1.5 cf20.8" H15.7" W14.1" D
CR49 INOXSSSingle Door1.75 cf20.8" H15.7" W20.3" D
CR65 INOXSSSingle Door2.3 cf20.8" H18.5" W21.4" D
CR85 INOXSSSingle Door3.0 cf24.6" H19.5" W21.7" D
CR130 INOXSSSingle Door4.6 cf29.3" H21.4" W21.4" D
CR195 INOXSSDouble Door6.9 cf52.9" H21.4" W22.5" D
CR200 INOXSSSide by Side7.0 cf34.7" H28.9" W24.3" D
CR63 FREEZERBLKFreezer2.2 cf24.6" H18.7" W20.3" D
CR65 FREEZERBLKFreezer2.3 cf24.4" H21.4" W20.1" D
CR90 FREEZERBLKFreezer3.2 cf29.3" H21.4" W21.4" D
CR63 FREEZER INOXSSFreezer2.2 cf24.6" H19.5" W21.7" D
CR65 FREEZER INOXSSFreezer2.3 cf24.4" H21.4" W21.7" D
CR49 INOXSSSingle Drawer1.75 cf20.9" H15.9" W20.6" D
CR55 INOXSSSingle Drawer1.9 cf20.9" H18.5" W21" D
CR65 INOXSSSingle Drawer2.3 cf20.9" H18.5" W21" D
CR85 INOXSSSingle Drawer3.0 cf24.6" H19.5" W21.7" D
DR130 INOXSSSingle Drawer4.6 cf29.3" H21.4" W21.4" D
DR160 INOXSSDouble Drawer5.5 cf34" H24.6" W23.4" D
ICE DRINK CLEARSSIce Maker0 N/A22.9" H13.9" W16" D
ICE DRINK WHITEWHTIce Maker0 N/A24.6" H14" W15.7" D
ICE DRINK INOXSSIce Maker0 N/A24.8" H14.7" W17.2" D

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    coppel May 11, 2020

    besoin d’un frigo 24v/220V de grande capacité 300 L minimum
    merci livraison en france
    +33 6 99 41 31 31

      Citimarine Store May 11, 2020

      Bonjour Christophe,

      J’ai transmis votre demande au service commercial. Un de nos représentants vous enverra un devis officiel.



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