Raymarine Axiom vs Axiom Pro? Axiom Plus vs Axiom Pro?

raymarine axiom vs axiom pro


Note: The Axiom+ is now the latest version of the Axiom, released mid 2020. You can find all three Axiom models, starting with the most recent release, here:

The Raymarine Axiom is making waves in the boating industry, thanks to its cutting edge functionality, compatibility, visuals and ease of use. And the Raymarine Axiom Pro, offers some improvements in certain areas.  If wondering how the Raymarine Axiom Pro compares to the original Axiom, see Raymarine Axiom vs Axiom Pro, here…


Axiom vs Axiom Pro

When will Raymarine Axiom be available

Raymarine just released their Axiom Pro MFD. The Axiom Pro builds on the largely popular Axiom platform, which was released in February, with the Pro version designed for serious offshore enthusiasts and professional captains.

The Raymarine Axiom Pro version integrates in-plane switching (IPS) technology to its display, which makes even greater visibility from every angle, even while wearing polarized glasses.

The Pro provides HybridTouch controls, meaning the ability to control the MFD either via ergonomic rotary knob control / buttons setup, or multitouch touchscreen. The original was solely touchscreen.

Much like the Axiom, the Axiom Pro offers RealVision 3D fishfinding technology, which when combined with the new GPS trail function, allows fishermen and boaters to build a more complete picture of an underwater structure by circling the area. True 1kW CHIRP sonar (compared to 600W in original Axiom; still powerful!) offers no compromise performance when targeting bait, fish, thermoclines and more at up to 5,000 feet in depth.

The Pros now also have two ports on the back of the unit for running two distinct transducers… Along with 9” and 12” options, much like the regular Axiom, the Pro version will also come in a larger 16” model. Networking capabilities will allow you to connect your Axiom Pro to your sailing instrument displays, autopilots, VHF radios, sound systems and several other compatible onboard marine electronics.

The Raymarine Axiom Pro starts at $2,499.99, and is available in the Raymarine MFDs section of Citimarine Store. We have free US Shipping on all Raymarine MFDs!


Axiom Plus vs Axiom Pro vs Axiom

Axiom Plus vs Axiom Pro

If looking to compare the Axiom Plus vs Axiom Pro, or either of these to the original Axiom, the table below will help:

Touchscreen Touchscreen HybridTouch
WXGA IPS Display IPX HydroTough
WXGA IPS Display
7″|9″|12″ 7″|9″|12″ 9″|12″|16″
LightHouse 3 LightHouse 3 LightHouse 3
Bright 1200 Nits 1500-1800 Nits 1,200 Nits
Ethernet x 1 Ethernet x 1 Ethernet x 2
NMEA0183 No
NMEA0183 1Tx/2Rx
10-20 Watts 10-20 Watts 20-45 Watts
4GB Memory 16GB Memory 16GB Memory
1 x USB microB 1 x USB microB
1 x USB microB
View Angle 70-88° View Angle 85-88° View Angle 88°
1 x microSD 1 x microSD 2 x microSD
1 Video Input (BNC)
$649-3099 $749-3099 $2499-5999
Sonar Specs
600W Sonar 600W Sonar 1Kw Sonar
High CHIRP 900′ High CHIRP 900′ CHIRP/900′
DownVision 600′ DownVision 600′
DownVision 600′
SideVision 300′ SideVision 300′
SideVision 300′
RealVision 3D 300′ RealVision 3D 300′
RealVision 3D 300′
NA NA 1kW 5,000′


When to go with the Axiom, Axiom+ or Axiom Pro?


Raymarine Axiom Pro Review

Pictured: Raymarine Axiom Pro

Raymarine AXIOM – If you don’t need a 1Kw sounder or the 16″ screen of the AXIOM PRO, then the original Raymarine AXIOM is a great choice (and most affordable).

Raymarine AXIOM Plus – Compared to the original Axiom, the Axiom Plus is a faster display that will handle wet and oily better, is brighter, has a better viewing angle, includes 4 times more internal memory and has a faster GPS.

Raymarine AXIOM PRO – The Axiom Pro brings the touchpad, and has the most powerful sonar out of the group, along with the option for a bigger 16″ screen.

You can see all three Raymarine MFDs, here!

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