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Here at, we try to stay up to date with all of the newest and most popular marine electronics and accessories out right now.

It’s tough being a GOOD online marine store, but someone’s gotta do it. Here are some new products we added this week:

Dometic SmartStart II For Your Marine AC System – Reduce Strain On Your Power Source When Starting Up Your Boat AC!

Smart StartDometic, the manufacturer for Cruisair and Marine Air (which have both merged under one Dometic line now), have been integrating the SmartStart into their AC units for years now.

While many of the AC units in our online marine store already come with the Smart Start, we’ve decided to add it on its own, in the case that you may have a Dometic unit without the Smart Start; you can now add it.

The Smart Start reduces the inrush of current by starting the compressor slowly, eliminating surges that could over-strain your power source. This gentler method of handling the power surge can mean the difference between you keeping the marine generator you already have, or having to shell out thousands for a new one.

SmartStart II reduces compressor startup power demand by up to 65%.

Dometic Smart Start

If you don’t have a generator on your boat, the SmartStart also allows the option of powering a marine AC system from an inverter, and if running on dock power, it can resolve issues where power source or connection is weak. It also provides protection by shutting down the compressor if the power source is briefly interrupted (attempting a soft start after three minutes).

Also New In Our Online Marine Supply – The Raymarine Quantum CHIRP Radar / Radome – Cutting Edge, Cost-Friendly, Easy Radar Technology

Marine Store Doral

When it comes to Radars / Radomes, Raymarine is in a class of it’s own.

Their latest, the 18″ Quantum Radome, shows this once again.

With a radius of 24 nautical miles, and an ability to see objects as close as 18 feet, you will have superior radar imaging on both long and extremely short ranges.

Other benefits of the Raymarine Quantum

  • Much clearer target separation than ordinary magnetron radars,
  • Ability to pick up very small objects (such as birds),
  • CHIRP pulse compression for clean, accurate images at long distances.
  • Very low power consumption (17 watts transmit and 7 watts standby)

The Raymarine Quantum is energy efficient, and easy to install (with Wi-Fi connectivity option or thin cabling). You can find the Raymarine Quantum here… 

and the new Raymarine Magnum Radar, here…


Fusion NRX300 Marine Wired Remote – A Sleek, Localized Control for Your Fusion Marine Stereos

Fusion NRX 300With the new Fusion NRX300, you have not only localized control of your Fusion marine stereo, but you can do it in style.

With the all new glass-helm installation option, you can control your favorite album on an elegant, IPX7 waterproof, easy-to-use interface, from any part of your boat, including swim platforms.

The MS-NRX300 remote control can be configured to display supported NMEA 2000 network data from compatible marine electronics connected to the same network.

The Fusion NRX300 is compatible with the following Fusion stereos:

  • MS-UD750
  • MS-AV750
  • MS-UD650
  • MS-AV650
  • MS-RA70N
  • MS-BB100
  • MS-RA205
  • MS-BB300
  • MS-IP700i
  • MS-AV700i

Pass by our Fusion section here!: Fusion Marine Stereo

Lowrance Marine Electronics recently added to our site!

Lowrance is very popular with the fishing community for their fishfinders, chartplotters, radars and transducers. They also have top notch radar and autopilot products released to compliment the systems. You can find them here!: Lowrance Marine Electronics

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