CTM Marine Air Conditioners – All New, Superior Marine Air Conditioning

CTM Marine has taken 10+ years of experience in the marine A/C retail market, combined with feedback received from customers on their units over the years, and has produced an all-new, self-contained marine air conditioner superior to anything available on the market.

CTM Marine Air Conditioners not only improve on the efficiency and performance of other top units on the market, but are more durable, longer-lasting A/C units, designed to withstand the harshest of marine environments. CTM units are also fully compatible with controls and thermostats from major marine A/C brands, and can be easily installed yourself, making them the perfect drop-in replacements for units from other brands.


CTM Marine Air Conditioners Use the Highest Quality, Marine-Ready Materials Available

While other top marine A/C units use copper circulating coils, which are prone to corrosion, the CT Unit is the first and only self-contained marine air conditioner on the market using titanium circulating coils. Titanium has a low density and high strength-to-weight ratio, and exceptional erosion / corrosion resistance, making it the perfect material for a marine a/c unit.

To further eliminate any detrimental effects of the seawater on the CTM unit, it brings a stainless steel base, bolts and a stainless steel pan frame with ABS tray, all highly corrosion-resistant materials. Top quality insulation for the blowers prevents condensation on the unit, keeping the unit dry and corrosion free all around.


Compatibility with Dometic, Cruisair, Marine Air, and Micro Air Controls & Thermostats Make Drop-In Replacement a Breeze

Smart Touch / Easy Touch Elite II  Passport I/O SMXir

Replacing an old marine A/C unit is as easy as can be with a CT Unit. The CTM CT is fully compatible with all Dometic, Cruisair, Marine Air and Micro Air controls and thermostats, and the CT’s light weight and small footprint also make it an excellent replacement option for self-contained units from Webasto, Mermaid Air, Flagship, Marine Aire and other brands.

The CTM marine air conditioner’s sensors and control boards are all made in the US under the strictest quality standards.


How Do CTM Marine Air Conditioners Compare in Price to Other Brands? And What Warranty Do The Units Bring?

115V, 16,000 BTUs
115V, 16,000 BTUs
115V, 16,000 BTUs
115V, 16,000 BTUs
115V, 16,000 BTUs
$2,409 $2,980 $3,495 $2,659 $2,451

Even though the quality of CTM’s CT Unit is comparable to the top of the line self-contained unit from each major brand, it is being offered at a significantly lower price point while being introduced to the market.

CTM Marine offers an industry-standard 2-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship, effective at the time of installation or vessel registration date for OEM installation. CTM warrants the compressors and compressor brackets against defects in material and workmanship for one year.


Customer and Technical Support for CTM Marine Air Conditioners

CTM provides highly-knowledgeable, marine A/C experienced customer and technical support Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm. Support is available via phone, email and chat. CTM also offers videos to help with service, installation and troubleshooting.


Where to Buy CTM Marine Air Conditioners

CTM Marine Air Conditioners are available here at Citimarine Store: CTM Marine Air Conditioners

Questions or comments on CTM Marine Air Conditioners? Feel free to contact us here or leave in the comments section below!


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    Henry Garberg October 16, 2020

    Send product info to Seabreezemarine co@gmail.com

      Citimarine Store October 26, 2020

      Will do. Thanks Henry.

    Michael messano August 8, 2021

    I had early marine air, lasted 21 years, replaced with a Domitian, build quality is junk, drains in pan too high, no independent drip tray under coils like my old marine air unit, which made draining the pan to my shower pump super easy. Many sharp edges, pop rivets on Dometic. Old marine air was all welded unit. It appears your unit uses the same components including the fan and air box. So really , what makes your unit so special? If it was soooo good, why not offer a 5 year warranty ?

      Citimarine Store August 10, 2021

      Hi Michael,

      We don’t offer a 5 year warranty because all other major manufacturers offer 1-2 years (industry standard). One of the major reasons for this time period is that most of the damage caused to a AC unit beyond the 2 year mark is due to bad maintenance. Also in 5 years, many different owners can be in charge of a single boat.

      The CTM units’ main advantage is the titanium coil, which makes the unit “bulletproof”, being that all of the salt water circulating is only in contact with titanium parts, not other more corrosive materials.


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