Webasto Marine Air Conditioner Reviews

Webasto marine A/C reviews

Based out of Stockdorf, Germany, Webasto is one of the largest manufacturers of air conditioning and heating solutions in the world.

Webasto makes A/C solutions for the marine, transportation, R/V, and heavy-duty construction vehicle industries, with one of their strongest areas being marine. Webasto is partnered with leading yacht manufacturers and boat builders, with the following manufacterers installing Webasto marine A/C systems as standard:

  • Azimut Yachts
  • Bavaria Power Boats & Sailboats
  • Beneteau Motorboats & Sailboats
  • Blackwater Boats
  • Carver Yachts
  • Catalina Yachts
  • Four Winns Boats
  • Leopard Catamarans
  • Riviera Yachts
  • Sunseeker Luxury Yachts


Pros of Webasto Marine A/C Systems

webasto feedback

Webasto is no small company – Webasto employs more than 12,000 people at their 50+ locations worldwide. A large network of production facilities and dealers provides support for Webasto’s products, and ensures quality installation and service standards all over the world.

Webasto’s Marine A/Cs are known for being:

  • Efficient
  • Quiet
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Reverse cycle
  • Affordable
  • Durable

Webasto backs their units by one of the best warranties (two-year) in the industry, and are known to have first-rate customer support and service.

But don’t just take our word for it. Below you’ll find feedback from boaters on their Webasto marine air conditioners and heaters.


Feedback on Webasto Marine Air Conditioners from Real Boaters – Webasto Marine Air Conditioner Reviews

webasto vs. dometic

We’ve searched the top boating forums – Cruisers Forum, The Hull Truth, Trawler Forum – for feedback on Webasto’s marine A/C units, and found a substantial amount of helpful and insightful info from boaters themselves. If looking for Webasto marine air conditioner reviews, this is an excellent source:


From CruisersForum.com

“I have two units aboard my 45 foot sailboat. The after unit is a Mermaid, which replaced a Mermaid unit, that failed – compressor locked up after seven years. The forward unit is currently a Webasto, which replaced a Dometic which failed at less than three years – the electronics went bad. The Dometic was professionally installed, and I had to change out the thermostat during that three year period twice. The Webasto has been in for two years and runs like a top.

The Mermaid had to go back to the shop for an electrical problem, which they could not duplicate. Rather than argue with m about the problem, they replaced the unit completely. It is noise than the Webasto, but that may be because of differences in the installation.

I outdone definitely consider another Webasto, probably consider another Mermaid and never have another Dometic.”

-CaptFrankM, Senior Cruiser, Location: Maryland, Right Now, Boat: Morgan 452, Posts: 143 – Re: Air Conditioner, which one???


“I’ve had both my Webasto’s for three years, and for the first two years they ran 24/7 365 days a year keeping the boat dehumidified and warm in Winter.
They have been brilliant, not a flaw. Of course I have had to clean the strainers, but other than that and cleaning the air filters nothing.

I bought them because they were cheap, but I think if you pay attention to the install they are as good as any other AC, and are cheap enough so that in 5 or 10 years when they become problematic, R&R with new.”

-a64pilot, Moderator, Location: Albany Ga., Boat: Island Packet 38, Posts: 26,490 – Re: Marine A/C reviews and recommendations


“Wow, absolutely love my webastos. I put in 2-16000btu on our boat and have installed 8 more on clients boats. We live aboard our trawler in New Orleans and these puppies run 24/7 for the last five years.”

-GoneIsland, Location: New Orleans, Boats: 1973 Gulfstar 43 trawler, 1979 Endeavour 37 A plan, Posts: 57 – Re: Marine A/C reviews and recommendations


From TheHullTruth.com




“The Webasto units are decent. I put a couple 12k units on my bridgedeck to A/C the enclosure 7 years ago and they’ve been flawless. The only compromise is the condensate pans do not appear to be stainless, look like powder coated steel. So far, I’ve seen no rust.”

-Buoy Scout, Admirals Club, Location: VA, Posts: 5,942 – Re: Air Conditioner advice


“We just updated our 16000 Cruise Air unit that was 32 years old to the 16000 Webasto FCF unit and just love it, It was easy to install, runs quieter than the Cruise Air, we love the remote , we also love the dehumidifier mode, we also have a 1600 SMX Cruise Air in our state room and I will be swapping it out for the Webasto unit, also we live aboard full time on a 1980 F40 Trojan Aft Cabin”

-chasjr1450, Admirals Club, Location: New Bern on the Nuese River living aboard the LADY STAR, Posts: 77 – Re: marine AC: Webasto vs. Marine Air?


“I too just replaced a Marine Air Sytems by Dometic with the Webasto FCF. After considering both, I decided on the Webasto system for two main reasons 1) because of the warranty and 2) the webasto has a lot more aluminum parts that wont corrode. The Dometic system I had was literlly falling apart.”

-teckersley, Senior Member, Location: Houston, Tx, Posts: 902 – Re: marine AC: Webasto vs. Marine Air?


“Have a couple Webasto units. Nice and quiet, no issues.”

-waybomb, Senior Member, Location: South of the North Pole, Posts: 700 – Re: Marine Heat / AC unit


“I installed three of them {Webasto} on my refit w/o regrets. They are very efficient in amperage consumption, very quiet operation and the cooling capacity is greater than the ones it replaced(cruisair). I would buy them again. I have a mermaid on another boat and I prefer the webasto. Alberto”

-titolugo, Senior Member, Posts: 105 – Re: Marine Air Conditioning


“Webasto is very good and has better service than Dometic. They are taking big chunks of the OEM marketshare.”

-Tarbaby, Admirals Club, Location: Ocracoke, NC, Posts: 3,062 – Re: marine a/c units, which one?


“I’ve had 2 Wabasto units on 2 different boats. I’d buy again in a second. I’ve also had Marin Aire, and a 3rd that I can’t recall right now. All performed perfectly”

-LMorgan, Senior Member, Location: DeBary, FL, Posts: 581 – Re: marine a/c units, which one?


From TrawlerForum.com

what is better dometic or webasto?

“I installed a 16k and a 9k on 3/14. They have performed flawlessly. I don’t like the wireless remote control, but it is not needed due to the wired standard control. We are full time liveaboards with flat rate electricity, so they get run alot. Installation was straight forward.”

-Sealife, Guru, City: In transit, Country: From USA, Vessel Name: Sea life, Vessel Model: Krogen 42 #61, Posts: 525 – Re: Webasto FCF Air Conditioning Unit


From BaylinerOwnersClub.com

“Funny… I just had this conversation with a good buddy that owned a boat repair business for many years. He told me that he used to replace Cruisair units with Webasto all the time. In his opinion Webasto units were more reliable and easier, as well as less costly to fix when things went wrong.”

-Norton_Rider, Supporting Member, Posts: 3900 – Re: What’s your take on Webasto A/C units?


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Other Top Marine Air Conditioner Recommendation – CTM Marine

CTM Marine Air Conditioners

Based out of South Florida, CTM Marine has been supplying marine air conditioners to boaters for over 10 years now, and taken what they’ve learned over the years to build a superior marine air conditioner to what’s on the market, at a great price.

Features of CTM Marine Air Conditioners:

  • A drop-in replacement for many major marine A/C brands, including Webasto and Dometic. Compatible with most Dometic controls.
  • Titanium used in the units coils is one of the most corrosion-resistant material available for seawater cooling coils. 40% more so than copper found on many other units.
  • Quieter and cools faster than most other major brands on the market.
  • Extremely knowledgeable and responsive customer service makes purchase, installation and service a breeze.

CTM Marine AC units have received excellent feedback. For more on CTM Marine Air Conditioners, see here.

Popular CTM Models:


Review on CTM Marine from Trawler Forum

“The CTM was installed in the same space as was the Dometic air handler. The CTM, although it is both the compressor and the air handler, is far quieter than was just the the Dometic air handler, a very pleasant surprise. The CTM seems to be very well made.”

-catalinajack, Guru, Location: Edgewater, MD  Posts: 2,912Re: Looking for feedback on CTM-Marine A/C



Reviews / Feedback on Webasto Marine Heaters

Webasto versus Eberspacher

Having a marine heater on-board helps extend your boating into the winter months, if boating in an area where reverse cycle heating from your A/C unit isn’t enough.

  • Operate more than 20 hours on a single gallon of fuel
  • Runs on diesel or gas
  • Quiet and a powerful source of heat on any vessel
  • Heat output from 3,000 all the way to 18,000+ BTUs
  • Exterior temperature sensor
  • Compact for easy installation
  • 12V / 24V

Below you’ll find what boaters had to say about their Webasto cabin heaters.


From Cruisers Forum

“Webasto diesel heat system. It works great, just like a central forced hot air heating system in your house.”

-Kenomac, cruiser, Location: Pangaea, Posts: 10,856 – Re: Cabin Heaters: Which is Best and Why?


“I’ve had experience with the Espar, Webasto, Force Ten propane, Force Ten Kerosene, Shipmate, Toyoset forced air and a diesel drip style. I found the Webasto to be trouble free, the Espar to be not as trouble free, the Force Ten to put out minimal heat, and the diesel drip (High Seas) to be dirty and very hard to light and get burning well.
I would take the Webasto as #1″

-Cheechako, Senior Cruiser, Location: Skagit City, WA, Posts: 21,580 – Re: Cabin Heaters: Which is Best and Why?


“On my last boat a Bristol 32, I installed the small Webasto. Easy installation in the engine compartment and work flawlessly – I was a liveabaord for 3 years in Philadelphia and then went cruising. Worked great in the marina, at anchor and while sailing. In the 6 years I owned the boat – it was one of the things that was totally problem free.

If I decided to put a heater on my new boat it will be a Webasto again.”

-Bluemansailor, Location: Philly, Boat: Nassau 34, Posts: 208 – Re: Best Diesel Heater


Yacht & Boat World (YBW) Forum

“I have a webasto unit. I can’t remember the model number. It’s always worked a treat.”

-benjenbav, Posts: 12,928, Re: Webasto versus Eberspacher boat heating


“As part of my business I also service both makes.

I am not biased either way when asked to install whatever the client wants, a lot of deals are done at shows and there rock bottom prices.

I can say that the webasto beats eber hands down for ease of servicing, there are 3 main parts to a webasto, where as the eber is full of parts and not as easy to service.”

-volvopaul, Location: midlands, Posts: 7,319, Re: Webasto versus Eberspacher boat heating


“The Webasto by default is designed to recirculate the cabin air and senses the room temp by it’s air intake.

I’ve had Eberspächer, Webasto and Mikuni (in recent time – earlier even a Bacho).

Mikuni was great but not many dealers and fewer accessories (available).

If memory serves me the Mikuni then was more expensive, less smokey and easier on the glowplug (this before burners had more levels, so a lot af on/off action).

They all improved over time, but I prefer Webasto”

-Spi D, Location: Denmark, Posts: 2,254, Re: Webasto versus Eberspacher boat heating


“I have only had one of each and my experience is that Webasto is much better and less trouble (had it 5-6 years now and never been a problem, wasnt new when I got it).

It cuts down in speed variable when it gets warm, the ebspacher just had two noisy settings (had a silencer on the intake too).

I wouldnt mind either on a boat I was buying but if I had the choice when specing new it would be webasto 100%.”

-DAKA, Location: Nomadic, Posts: 9,149, Re: Webasto versus Eberspacher boat heating

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Hope the Webasto marine air conditioner reviews we’ve gathered here helps give you a better understanding of Webasto as a company, and the quality of their products. Check out the entire Webasto section, here!  Any question on marine air conditioning, just let us know!


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