Improvements In Raymarine Quantum 2 Over Original Quantum

Raymarine Quantum 2 Differences Between Quantum 1

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The new Raymarine Quantum 2 has a number of great improvements in radar function over the original Raymarine Quantum, but one feature stands out among the rest – Doppler Radar.

The new integration of Doppler technology in the Quantum 2 makes it easier to make out potentially dangerous targets when boating in high-traffic areas, and in this article I’ll explain how.

The Quantum 2 also features target acquisition and tracking, as well as True Trails target history display to show the direction and motion of the targets in relation to your boat.

Like the original Raymarine Quantum, Quantum 2 includes CHIRP Pulse Compression technology that uses multiple compressed, radar pulses that ensure more energy reaches each target, results superior imaging on long ranges, as well as excellent short-range detection and enhanced target detail with 18 foot minimum range for zero-visibility navigation. See dangerous targets like boats, landmarks, rocks, and weather cells far or near, even in inclement conditions, with unmatched resolution and separation quality.

But enough with the similarities. Here is how Raymarine built on the original Quantum to bring you the new Quantum 2.


Doppler Moving Target Display Allows for Superior Situational Awareness At-a-Glance

Improvements in Raymarine Quantum 2 over Original Quantum

Using advanced Doppler technology, Quantum 2 is tuned specifically to detect the radar echo frequency shift returned by moving versus stationary targets.

Doppler works by doing the following:

  1. Microwave energy waves are bounced off of a distant target, just like conventional radar.
  2. The moving target sends back echoes whose frequencies shift upward or downward from what was originally transmitted.
  3. For inbound targets, the frequency increases as the leading edge of the returning echoes are received more frequently as the target’s range decreases.
  4. For outbound targets, the frequency drops as the returning echoes spread out as its range increases.
  5. Doppler radars are engineered to detect these small shifts in wave frequency, and use them to classify moving radar targets.

Quantum 2 then color codes each moving target to indicate whether it is getting closer (red) or moving away (green). Color coded targets make it simple to pick out moving traffic from other stationary targets like land, buoys, navigation aids or stopped/anchored vessels.

Doppler does an incredible job of bringing attention to any moving targets, but Doppler alone can downplay stationary targets, which can be equally as dangerous. The Raymarine Quantum 2 has taken care of this with its Safety Sector feature.


Quantum 2’s Doppler Makes Out the Moving Targets, Safety Sector Points Out The Stationary Ones

New Features of Quantum 2

The new Safety Sector feature in the Quantum 2 highlights and color codes any potentially dangerous static targets within 200 meters (approx. 650 feet) in front of the vessel, making it easier for you to make out immediate dangers while cruising, day or night.

Safety Sector provides equal attention to these imminent threats by coloring them as inbound targets. Potential targets include:

  • Buoys
  • Exposed Hazard (rocks, pilings, etc)
  • Slow moving, low visibility vessels

Quantum 2 automatically processes and highlights targets within this region in red.


Raymarine Quantum 2 Review – Automatic Target Acquisition, Adjustable TrueTrails, and MARPA Features Provide You With Even Further Navigational Awareness, Safety and Control

Raymarine Quantum 2 true trails

Quantum 2 has fully automatic target acquisition and tracking that begins calculating an objects course, speed, closest point of approach and more valuable data, upon it entering your configured safety zone. You’ll be alerted with audible alerts and prominent on-screen graphics once tracking begins.

Raymarine’s new True Trails target history display enables you to see a historical “wake” behind every moving contact. This additional information makes it even easier to interpret the motion of other vessels, and make smart maneuvering decisions to pass safely.

Advanced users and professional captains will appreciate Quantum 2’s 25-target mini-automatic radar plotting aid (MARPA). Developed originally for the United States Coast Guard and other fast response craft, Quantum 2’s manual MARPA feature is doppler-assisted.


Raymarine Quantum 2 – Available Here At Citimarine Store

raymarine quantum 2 radar review

Raymarine Quantum 2 has already been released, and we have it on our site, here: Raymarine Quantum 2

Any questions or comments you may have, just let us know!

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    Larry Carlsen July 14, 2020

    I have the quantum one radar installed two years ago.
    Ever since installation it was just working intermittently sometimes it would just report radar not turning even though I was connected and it was on.
    I think the original Ray Marine quantum radar was probably pushed to market with no quality control as it basically had so many problems.
    I would be afraidTo buy the quantum 2 for the same reasons.
    Or maybe I just got a Lemon unit and after three weeks it being back at head office they still have not been able to fix it.
    And they are not going to honour the warranty.

      Citimarine Store August 3, 2020

      Sorry to hear about your experience with the original Quantum. I’ve heard good things about both versions, though, could perhaps just have been a lemon. It’s unfortunate they won’t honor the warranty.


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