How to Clean the Bottom of a Boat in the Water

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how to clean the bottom of a boat in the waterElectric hookah dive systems are the perfect companion for underwater boat cleaning and other forms of boat maintenance done while the boat is in the water.

Easy to use, lightweight, and compact, small electric hookah dive systems can run off of 12V, don’t take up much space, and can allow you to stay underwater for up to hours at a time.

Certainly beats carrying heavy traditional scuba tanks when you want to perform underwater maintenance tasks on the fly.

Tips For Cleaning Of The Hull Underwater – How to Clean the Bottom of a Boat Underwater

Being backed up by the electric hookah dive system, hand cleaning with wire brushes can be done on smaller vessels, and it’s best to perform this anti-fouling of the hull on a regular basis, as to not allow major algae / barnacle buildup… if the job is too big, of course, you will have to pull the boat out of water, pressure wash the buildup, and get it painted with a coat of anti fouling paint.

You can also pull the boat up onto a sandbar, wait for the tide to go down, careen the boat on one side, clean the one side, wait for tide to raise / lower, and repeat. Just make sure the prop is hanging off of the sandbar. A pressure washer hooked up to a dingy can work for this.

Another underwater hull cleaning method that is used, (but requires you to really research as to the safety with manufacturers of said items), is to use an orbital sander, which can be purchased for generally cheap, and used for quite some time. As one experienced hull cleaner mentions on Scubaboard:

“I would soak the unit in fresh water over night then run oil through it the next morning. I could get about six months out them then they would lock up from the salt water. Not bad for $40.00.”

It’s recommended you clean the sander with fresh water after each use. Also, a hand held suction cup is helpful, in order to be able to stay in place underwater and provide force to the scrubbing.


Brownie’s Electric Hookah Dive Systems

underwater boat cleaningWith a run time of up to 3 hours and a maximum dive depth of deeper than 80 feet, Brownie’s dive systems far surpass other air-supplied diving brands out there.

Many divers have told us that they’ve been using their Brownie’s hookahs for 10 years+ with little to no maintenance necessary.

Other uses for electric dive systems can be lobstering, as well as other forms of underwater maintenance work such as changing cutless bearings. You can get yourself a Brownies Electric Hookah Dive System, here…

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  1. My brother is a scuba diver and he’s currently looking for a diving unit that he can use for his new water adventures. Interestingly, many divers have observed that a hookah can last for ten years with little maintenance.

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