Why Use Hookah Diving Systems Over Traditional Scuba?

Hookah Diving Systems, such as Brownie’s Third Lung Systems, are becoming increasingly popular… but people new to diving often wonder: what are the benefits of diving hookahs over traditional scuba tanks and systems?

Brownie's Electric Diving Hookah

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Hopefully this article will help clarify the many benefits of hookah diving systems over other diving systems and methods…

Hookah Diving Is The Next Natural Step After Snorkeling

hookah divingYou’re an excellent swimmer… you’ve taken it a step further, and have now mastered snorkeling, and can explore the ocean just below the surface for long periods of time…

With a hookah diving system, you can take the next step, diving deeper into the water and exploring underwater areas far below the surface (down to 90 feet below!), for longer periods of time, without having to resurface for air.

Hookah diving systems use surface air to provide the oxygen, (much like a super-extended snorkel), but without having to lug around (and refill) heavy scuba tanks. You also don’t need to learn the more complicated style of swimming required to control the out-swings / buoyancy of the scuba tanks.

Diving hookahs are the next step for somebody who wants to explore more of the ocean for longer periods of time, but without the heavy hassle and learning curve of traditional scuba diving systems.


diving hookahThanks to the connection of individual divers to the surface air-supplied dive compressor, not only does this make the towing of the air compressor a breeze, but it keeps divers within eyesight of each other at all times. So while they can explore their individual areas, the breathing hoses tether each diver together, with a substantial amount of freedom of course.

Also, whether you are using a boat hookah diving system, or a floating hookah diving system, people above the surface of the water will always know your whereabouts… compared to traditional scuba dive systems, where your whereabouts are only known to you.

Friendlier To Your Boat

Besides the avoidance of having to refill the tanks, hookah diving systems take up much less space, are lighter weight, and the chances of wear and tear to your boat caused by hauling around heavier scuba tanks is pretty much diminished.

Why Choose A Gasoline Powered Hookah Diving System?

Hookah dive systems come either gas or or electric-powered.

I will first go over the benefits and disadvantages of gas-powered hookah diving systems…

Advantages (+):

  • Works longer than electrical units
  • Efficient – 3 hours of diving on less than a gallon of gas (less than the cost of filling a scuba tank)

Disadvantages (-):

  • Can not be used if away from gasoline sources
  • More maintenance required (oil changes, etc.)
  • Corrosion more likely to happen over time
  • Louder

Why Choose an Electric Diving Hookah?

Here are the pros and cons to the electric diving system:

Benefits (+)

  • Cleaner and greener
  • Less maintenance
  • Can be recharged using your boats power source
  • Easy start with just touch of a button
  • Quieter
  • Less possibility of corrosion

Disadvantages (-)

  • Requires energy source, such as boat alternator
  • Cost can be higher than gas units

Brownie’s Hookah Diving Systems – Free Dive Lessons

brownie hookahWhile the learning curve is minimal compared to traditional scuba diving, you should still take some basic dive lessons. Luckily, Brownie’s provides free dive lessons with the purchase of one of their hookah diving systems.

We here at CitimarineStore.com have a full stock of diving hookahs by Brownie’s, including gas and electric-powered systems, floating and boat systems.

For a full selection of diving hookahs, including economic models, see here!

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Have a good one!

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    Germain February 18, 2018

    Today with the regulation maffia ruling diving with tanks, the hookah diving is the best approach, no need to go deep but simply enjoy.
    I had an aibuoy for decades, and I sincerely regret that Johnson/Evinrude does not make it anymore….proof of totally wrong marketing!
    If you are a couple, this is the most agreable way to dive, we even took our airbuoy to Easter Island.
    Diving with tank is a complete different approach, being a professional diver before, the democratisation changed what was a job to a sport and a ruling maffia enjoyed the benefit of it…..to make money under the cover of safety……

    Russ November 18, 2018

    I wonder about the safety of the gasoline models. Isnt there a possibility of the air intake cycling the exhaust in?

      Citimarine Store December 20, 2018

      Hi Russ,

      It’s a completely separate compartment, and the compressors are air-cooled; they are based on a dry-compressed cylinder. Therefore, there’s no way gas exhaust fumes could be inhaled.

      The only thing you need to be careful of – if you’re going to stay under for a long period of time, you need to make sure you have sufficient gas for the amount of time you will be diving.

    XXX October 31, 2020

    A few points to consider:
    1.) Safety should always be your number one priority. Inexperienced, uneducated divers can get into a lot of trouble.

    2.) “Mafia” is spelled with only 1 “f”. The fact that you have reached adulthood without knowing that puts everything you say into question.


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