Cruisair Parts: Cruisair SMX II Keypads, Boards, and More!

Citimarine Store is well known for Cruisair Parts, including the SMX II control system and keypads (SMX II AB, SMXir, SMXht).

If looking to purchase the SMX II Keypad, see here:

Here’s a bit about the Cruisair SMX II Control system…

SMX II Keypads and Control Systems

Cruisair SMX II AB KeypadThe Dometic Cruisair SMX II consists of a keypad/display and a power/logic circuit board in the A/C unit’s electrical box. The controls can be used with almost all Cruisair marine A/C systems, and several adapters are available to allow the different keypads to work with the different systems, as well as retrofitted to older models (as well as non-Cruisair A/C systems with the proper adapters!).

It is a sophisticated and highly effective A/C control, but very easy to use. Simply set the temperature you’d like, and sit back and relax…

Excellent temperature regulation ensures no wide swings in temperature (which is common with most other AC controls). The Cruisair SMX II system retains all of your settings, even if the power goes out.

Standard features of SMX II Keypads

    • Easy to understand interface
    • Large, clear digital display of temperature, operating functions and code warnings
    • Small LED lights on keypad to show AC system’s mode and status

You can set to heating, cooling, or an automatic switch between both when day and night temperature differences are more extreme.

If you are going to leave your boat unattended for long periods of time, you can program the SMX II keypad to turn on periodically, in order to circulate and remove moisture from your boat.

Installing the SMX II Control

It is best to install your SMX II keypad and control on an interior, vertical spot with rear access for wiring. It operates on low voltage DC and is ignition-protected. The control components do not produce heat, so no need for ventilation.

There are currently 3 different Cruisair Keypads that work with the SMX II control system:

SMX II AB – the original SMX II keypad, used for many years and still very popular

SMXir – smaller than the SMX II AB, the Cruisair SMXir has a hinged cover and remote control (Works only with 6-pin Cable or adapter)

SMXht – European style control fits into decorative bezel and has many new features (Works only with 6-pin Cable or adapter)

We currently have the classic SMX II Keypad, here… We will have the SMXir and SMXht on our site shortly, but can order them for you at a discount directly from Cruisair, just give us a call at 1 (800) 766-5256 or email us at

Also, feel free to contact us should you have any technical questions regarding Cruisair A/C systems and the SMX II control systems!

Other Popular Cruisair Parts

Citimarine Store is very popular for Cruisair parts due to our low prices and high technical knowledge regarding Dometic marine A/C systems.

Just like the SMX II keypads, if we don’t have the item on our site, we can get it for you; just contact us.

Some Cruisair parts we have on the site at the current time, including Cruisair SMX II boards, boxes and connections / cables / adapters:

      • CXP Cables – 5 to 80 ft.
      • Adapter, 4-Pin Socket (CX) to RJ12 Male Plug (SMXir/ht, A-288C, A-282NC)
      • Adapter, RJ12 Socket (CXP) to 4-Pin Male Plug (SMXIIAB, A-281C, Old Net)
      • SMX Network Cable, RJ12 – 5 to 60 ft.
      • Temperature Sensor, RJ11 – 5 to 80 ft.
      • Replacement Q-Logic Board
      • Board Power Q-Logic DX
      • Canbus To RS232 Serial Adapter Kit
      • MCP 2-Knob
      • SMX II Box – PLPX-HV
      • SMX II Board – Retrofit for F20C-F60C
      • SMX II Combo – Box A-284 / Board A-288C
      • SMX II Board – A-281C
      • SMX II Board – A-288D

For more marine air conditioners and parts, see here:

As mentioned above, you don’t see the Cruisair part you need, or would like some technical advice, give us a call, and we’ll happily guide you, get you what you need, and for a price you’re happy with!

Have a good one!

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    Süleyman yaprak April 3, 2016

    To whom it may concern,

    I would like to be informed about the price and delivery time of the crusair air conditioner’s electronic card module

    Model:the A-288T circuit board.

    Thank you

      Admin April 11, 2016

      Hello Suleyman, our sales department will be reaching out to you with a formal quote. We will need to know your location. Thank you, -David

    Paco D. May 18, 2019

    I need info on an 1984 Cruisair air conditioner board psrt # 4482089

      Citimarine Store May 22, 2019

      Hello Paco, Not sure if they would still make boards for that unit. Give the guys a call here or chat with them below on the site.

    Panagiotis Mitroulias June 19, 2020

    Hi There

    I would like a quote for CruisAir Keypad for SMX II AB (without the face).

    Pls note that the shipment is to Greece (Athens).



      Citimarine Store June 24, 2020

      How goes my friend,

      You can enter the product (found here) into the cart, and enter Athens, Greece in shipping section, and it will provide you with a quote.

      For a more formal quote, please reach out to


    Ahmed Laraichi June 19, 2020

    Comment je peux changer l’afficheur de farniente en C°= modèle télécommande SMX II Marine

      Citimarine Store June 24, 2020

      Bonjour Ahmed, veuillez contacter notre bureau, ils peuvent vous aider.


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