Kenyon Marine Grill & Cooktop Reviews by Real Boaters

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Founded in 1931, Kenyon began as a small manufacturer who led the way with the breakthrough development of ceramic electric cooktops for the high seas.

Today Kenyon Marine electric grills and cooktops are the standard for yachts worldwide. Safe for use on the water, easy-to-use and ready for cooking, Kenyon cooktops and grills are well-suited for the marine lifestyle. And due to Kenyon’s quality manufacturing, sleek designs, efficiency and durability, Kenyon cooking technology has become quite popular among homeowners and RV users as well.

Clinton, CT based Kenyon is currently the largest manufacturer of two burner ceramic glass cooktops and high-quality stainless steel marine electric grills in North America.


Features of Kenyon Marine Electric Grills & Cooktops for Boaters

Kenyon Cooktop Reviews Marine Boat

Kenyon marine electric grills & cooktops come with several features that make them ideal for boating. If tired of eating cold subs, and looking to cook some 5 star meals on the hook, here’s why you might want to consider Kenyon:

  • Compact, convenient and elegant cooktops fit well with galley
  • Large cooking surface, easy clean-up
  • Fitted, patented nonskid silicone mat keeps pots on the stove
  • Heats evenly throughout the cooking surface
  • Electric grills work perfect in the marina, as most do not allow open flames
  • Built-in design; less to haul / load to and from the boat
  • Ability to use indoor and outdoor
  • Factory-installed by many major boat & yacht manufacturers
  • Portable options available if preferred

Feedback on Kenyon Marine Grills & Cooktops by Other Boaters

Kenyon Electric Grills Reviews

Here’s some feedback gathered from top boating forums on Kenyon grills & cooktops.

While negative feedback on Kenyon grills periodically came up in the search, it was mainly in reference to Kenyon’s older alcohol cooktop models, which some boaters deemed as unsafe (while others had no issues with). I’ve spoken with Kenyon, and for the most part they’re phasing out the alcohol cooktops, replacing them with the safer, more energy-efficient radiant and induction (electric) models.

What boaters have to say about their Kenyon cooking systems:


“We have a Kenyon on our Edgewater and I am very pleased with it. It really does give even heat in all areas of the grill, even near the edges. I also like how easy it is to clean, as we usually take the grill grid home and put it in the dishwasher. We have done burgers, hot dogs, sausages, beef kabobs, and steaks so far and everything came out great.”

-Trapper 6, The Hull Truth, 15 Posts


“I had my first Kenyon grill many years ago for the kitchen, not a boat. Loved it when there was a storm or snow outside and I could grill indoors. Always been impressed by the quality of their products. We found out too that when it comes to electric grills, those designed for boats, like Kenyon and Gaggenau are far superior to those designed for homes such as Jenn Air or Foreman or any of the other dozen I tried. We have electric grills on our boats on multiple decks and continue to be happy with them.”

-olderboater, YachtForums, 5,332 Posts


“I have one in boxes in my PH right now… …my engineer is the one who recommended it – he takes pride in his cooking and used it (Kenyon Frontier) for steaks, fresh fish, etc., during cruises in Mexico and he said it performed superbly, lots of ability to season food while cooking, easy clean and many other side benefits. These include usability both indoor and outdoor, no smoke to bug neighbors in nearby slips at the marina, and marinas like the fact that it poses much less of a hazard during use. I did my own checking up where I could and found reviews on Amazon are quite good, FWIW.

Got mine (the Frontier, portable) on sale with side tray, cover and griddle, free shipping. Paying my engineer to run the wiring for mounting on the cockpit rail. He advised me to skip the added costs of the remote and just walk a few extra steps to the unit itself. Although this weekend I’ll probably just set it on the table in the salon, plug it in and use it right there. Will keep you posted and try to remember to take photos. Might depend on how hungry I am at the time.”

-CraigC, Trawler Forum, 104 Posts


“We have Kenyon Grills, although the lidded versions. Love their grills. Like the company too.”

-BandB, Trawler Forum, 17,755 Posts


“My {Kenyon electric} grill works and I use it almost every outing. It`s one of the primary reasons why I choose that model… I cook hamburgers, hotdogs, steak and shrimp all the time. I have found that anything you could cook with gas or charcoal you can cook with the electric.”

-Chap243, -Chaparral Boats Forum, 1,701 Posts


Kenyon Marine Electric Grills & Cooktops For Sale

Kenyon electric grills and stovetops for sale

We’ve recently added a Marine Grill & Cooktop category to Citimarine Store, Kenyon being the first line added to the section. You can find all of Kenyon’s most popular marine electric grill and cooktop models, here!


Award Winning Grills & Cooktops by Kenyon

Several Kenyon Electric Grill & Cooktop models have been recipients of prestigious awards from top marine and home publications, including the:

  • Kenyon SilKEN® Induction Cooking System – Winner of Appliance Design magazine’s prestigious Annual Excellence in Design Award Competition, SAIL magazine’s esteemed Pittmann Innovation Award and DAME Most Innovated Product award
  • The Floridian Grill – Hearth & Home Magazine Vesta Award Finalist
  • Texan Grill – Hearth & Home Magazine Vesta Award Finalist
  • Kenyon Lite – Touch Q Outdoors Electric Cooktop – Hearth & Home Vesta Award Winner and first UL (Underwriters Laboratories) outdoors approved electric cooktop

How IntelliKEN Cooking Technology Works

With Kenyon’s new IntelliKEN Touch technology, Precision Control allows you to select the power setting (1 – 16) best suited for the food being cooked or the temperature you desire (150˚F – 550˚F), a feature never before found on grills. Direct Temperature Feedback (DTF) gives you the ability to cook by temperature and time.

Questions or comments on Kenyon’s grills or cooktops? We’re here!

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