Mastervolt ChargeMaster Plus 24/40-3 CZone Marine Battery Charger - 24V, 40 Amp, 3 Battery Outlets

Mastervolt ChargeMaster Plus 24/40-3 CZone Marine Battery Charger - 24V, 40 Amp, 3 Battery Outlets

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Mastervolt ChargeMaster Plus 24/40-3 CZone Marine Battery Charger - 24V, 40 Amp, 3 Battery Outlets

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The Mastervolt ChargeMaster Plus 24/40-3 CZone is the next generation of battery charger that integrates multiple functions into one single device. Replacing auxiliary chargers, battery isolators, and VSR, ChargeMaster Plus reduces system complexity and cost. Designed for versatility, it charges a maximum of three batteries in a fast and safe way and works anywhere in the worldModels with the addition CZone do not only support MasterBus, but also support CZone and NMEA 2000 communication, without the need of additional interfaces. 

Part Number: 44320405           chargemaster 24/40-3

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Mastervolt ChargeMaster Plus 24/40-3 CZone Marine Battery Charger - 44320405
Mastervolt 44320405 Chargemaster Plus CZone
With the new Battery’s Best Friend architecture, the ChargeMaster Plus is capable of charging a multitude of battery chemistries, sizes and voltages. All batteries are charged with the fast and safe 3-step+ charge method.

Global Charging

The Mastervolt ChargeMaster Plus handles worldwide AC voltages and frequencies. Resisting large voltage fluctuations and high temperatures, it keeps working in harsh environments. For marine and mobile markets, ChargeMaster Plus is CE, E-mark, ABYC, UL, SAE, CEC and RCM/C-Tick compliant.

System Simplicity

Nowadays, equipment must be self-explaining. The ChargeMaster Plus 24/40 displays the charge phase of all three outputs in an understandable way. Robust and ergonomic connections save installation time. An integrated VSR eliminates the need for additional components and ensures that the alternators energy is funnelled through to the batteries.

Mastervolt Chargemaster Plus 24/40-3 CZone

Powerful Connections thanks to CZone Integration

In modern applications, all electrical components work together. The CAN-based MasterBus enables the ChargeMaster Plus to communicate with displays, shunts and power systems including communication standards like CZone®, NMEA 2000 and CANopen (through additional interfaces).

Models with the addition CZone do not only support MasterBus, but also support CZone and NMEA 2000 communication, without the need of additional interfaces. This ChargeMasters Plus series can be configured via MasterBus or will accept a CZone configuration file just like any other CZone device. Other communication standards like ModBus, CANopen, LinBus, etc. are supported via additional interfaces. 

Features of the Chargemaster Plus:

  • Multicharger with two outputs, one in/output, DC-DC converter, current limiter and VSR.
  • Combine Lithium Ion, Gel or AGM, and large or small  battery banks on a single battery charger
  • Charges multiple batteries while being underway.
  • Extended specifications: offers 20 % more output at 14.4 V and 80 % charging power at 60 °C.
  • Safe Charge: quickly recognize the State of Charge for extended battery life.
  • Very wide operating range of 80-275 V AC, 35-70 Hz.
  • Compact, easy to connect and quick to install.

Technical Specifications for 44320405

Nominal output voltage (output 1 & 2)24V
Nominal output voltage (output 3)24V / 12V
Output current output 3 (current limited)5-20 A at 2 V / 10 A at 12V
Input current 'Smart Input'20 A at 24V
Max. AC current (230 V / 120 V)6.8 A / 13.5 A
Total charge current40 A at 28.8 V
Number of battery outlets3
Battery capacity range160-400 Ah
Nominal input voltage120/230 V (80-275 V) 50/60 Hz
AC connectionscrew terminals, suitable up to up to 6 mm²
Power supply modeyes
Display/read-outLED display
Dimensions, hxwxd384 x 250 x 127 mm
15.1 x 9.8 x 5.0 inch
Weight5.9 kg
13.0 lb
ApprovalsCE, ABYC, UL1236, SAE J1171, CEC, RCM/C-Tick

Charge characteristicIUoUo, automatic / 3-step+ for Gel/AGM/Lithium Ion/traction/spiral
Temperature compensation-30 mV/°C / -17 mV/°F temperature sensor included
DC voltage compensationthrough MasterShunt
Power consumption (DC side)< 2 mA (MasterBus off)
Current Control functionyes, through MasterBus
Power factor control> 0.98
Temperature range (ambient temp.)-25 °C to 80 °C, derating < 0 °C and > 40 °C
-13 °F to 176 °F
Coolingvario fan
Protection degreeIP23, vertical mounting
Protectionsover-temperature, overload, short circuit, high/low battery voltage
MasterBus compatibleyes
Charger Status Interface (alarm contact)yes, using a Multipurpose Contact Output (product code 77030500)