Removable Tender Chocks (Universal) - Pair

Removable Tender Chocks (Universal) - Pair

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Removable Tender Chocks (Universal) - Pair

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Removable Tender Chocks (Universal) by UMT - Pair - For safe and secure on board stowing of jet skis, rigid inflatable boats (RIB), rigid tenders & lightweight dinghies. Weight Capacity: 1250 lbs. Adjustable tender chocks support the different hull patterns of various types of tenders or watercraft. Rigid welded aluminum structure.



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UMT Removable Tender Chocks (Universal) - Pair

removable tender chocks

Safe and secure method to bring on board and effectively stow and secure rigid inflatable boats (RIB), rigid tenders, lightweight dinghies and jet skis. UMT's Universal Tender Chocks / Jet Ski Chocks have all have the functionality you need, while preventing unnecessary abrasion, and chafing. UMT, having provided custom chock solutions for more than 20 years now, is known for long-lasting quality and old-world European craftsmanship.

New Design

The new design with adjustable mounting bolts allows adjustment of the supports to accommodate the different hull patterns on the various tenders and watercraft. Another special feature of the AU chocks is the same set of chocks can be used for a variety of different applications on the same yacht either allowing the owner to change from RIB to jet-ski as required or when a tender of watercraft is upgraded to a new model.

Jet Ski Chocks For Swim Platform


- Universal layout to fit a multitude of hull designs
- Rigid welded aluminum structure
- Powder coated to color coordinate with deck or platform
- Special surfaces to absorb weight to reduce friction and hull scratches on tender
- Custom mounting systems permanent or with removable bases or slide-in/out
- Accommodates RIBS, rigid tenders, inflatables, and watercraft
The UMT Marine AU Chocks also provide the “keel support” feature. The AU system not only has adjustable side supports, but also the critical feature of keel support which cushions the load and supports the hull correctly when the yacht is underway.


Dimensions of UMT Universal Chocks

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Universal Tender Chocks

Universal Tender Chocks

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