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Strut Pro Cutless Bearing Replacement Tool - Individual Kits (Metric Bearing Sizes)

STRUT PRO Individual Kits include the tool assembly and all components to replace a strut bearing with a specific prop shaft / bearing combination. All parts are pre-sized and precise so you get the exact parts for your bearing. The same tool installs the new bearing. Select the proper puller kit for your metric bearing below - You need to know the inside diameter (mm) of your bearing - which would be same as your propeller shaft diameter - as well as the outside diameter (mm) of your bearing.

3-5 Days Processing time.

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For Metric Bearing Size - Inside Diameter x Outside Diameter

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Strut Pro Cutless Bearing Replacement Tool / Puller (Metric Sizes)
Affordable, Damage Free Strut Bearing Replacement. No Shaft, Strut or Rudder Removal.

Strut Pro metric measurement

Boat owners around the world have found tremendous benefits in owning a Strut-Pro tool assembly for their boat. A strut bearing failure can happen anytime either through age or restriction of water flow, due to fishing line, underwater growth, even nets or rope becoming wrapped around the prop shaft. Misalignment is also a main contributor to bearing wear.

If you are traveling to areas where services and supplies are limited it is a good idea to have a replacement bearing on board “just in case”. With the Strut-Pro Cutlass Bearing Replacement tool you can now replace your worn strut bearing, without even having to haul out your vessel.

There are many complications normally involved when replacing a worn strut bearing the traditional way, which can take several hours, and is not always damage free. With the Strut Pro there is no cutting, beating or destruction of any kind. Strut fasteners and bedding do not require repair because there is no pressure applied to any area other than the strut. Everything is done in an hour or less. With Strut-Pro Bearing Replacement Tools this process goes a whole lot smoother since there is no removal of the propeller shaft, strut or rudder.

Included in Kits:

  • Two yokes with threaded rod assemblies
  • Two horseshoes

  • Shaft spacers

  • Collets

Strut Pro Components

When ordering for a single size bearing replacement, you will need to know the inside diameter of your bearing (propeller shaft diameter) and outside diameter of the bearing (bore of the strut). This is exactly the same information needed to order a replacement strut bearing from a marine supply store. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or chat with us below.

Features of the Strut Pro Cutless Bearing Puller / Installer

One Person Operation, Works Underwater

Imagine reducing the time it takes to replace a worn strut bearing by up to 90% and never having to remove the propeller shaft, rudder or strut! You can with Strut-Pro bearing replacement tools. It is easy to use and damage-free. You can even use it under water.

Superb Construction, Superior Components

Cutless Bearing Puller

With Strut Pro there is no compromise for quality. U.S. made threaded rods are the machine that drives this tool and all of the threaded rods are precision made from grade B-7 steel. Using a roll thread technique, not cut, you get a smooth burr free finish. The ends are chamfered and every rod is inspected before assembly to insure you long service life.

Laser Cut Accuracy, Guaranteed Tolerances

Cutless Bearing Installer

All components are precision plasma and laser formed for exact tolerances. These horseshoes show stacked sequences to match the propeller shaft and bearing outside diameter measurements.

Precision Formed, 80,000 Lb. Tensile Steel

Strut Pro Parts

All Strut-Pro tools are constructed using high tensile T-1 steel, nearly three time stronger than stainless steel and are designed to provide many years of uninterrupted service. Collets are precision laser cut to fit perfectly. All components are made to exacting standards to provide you with trouble-free use that pays first or second use.

Individual Kit Can Be Expanded For Different Size Bearings

All kits are expandable. Contact us for more on this.

Now With Two Open Yokes 

Two open yokes allow you to replace main and intermediate (forward) strut bearings without having to purchase an additional components.

100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

How to Remove Cutless Bearing Using Strut Pro

*PDF Owner's Manual Can Be Found in Attachments Section

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I know if my cutless bearing is worn?

Normally, the first noticeable sign of a worn cutless bearing will be a vibration. Even if you don’t feel a vibration it is always a good idea to closely inspect the strut bearing each time you haul out your vessel, or periodically if the boat is trailered. Look for debris restricting water flow through the grooves. These grooves are necessary to provide cooling and lubrication for the propeller shaft and bearing. Try to lift the prop shaft up and down looking for looseness in the bearing. Also, look for cracks in the rubber which indicate a sign of deterioration.

2) Can I replace my worn strut bearing myself?

Yes. You are not changing any critical propeller shaft or strut alignments, and you do not have to hit the bearing to remove it. Many customers are DIYers that have their own tools and do their own work. Many keep their Strut-Pro Bearing Replacement Tools on board in the event their bearing wears prematurely or gets damaged. This replacement is often done under water, thus eliminating the need for an expensive haul out and blocking of the vessel.

3) How much can I save using a Strut-Pro Bearing Replacement Tool?

Like the old saying goes “time is money”. Most repair yards save enough time to pay for the tool the first or second use. As a boat owner, do it yourself and save substantially. Plus, it’s totally damage free. Many yacht owners keep their Strut-Pro Bearing Replacement Tool on board along with their prop puller. In the event of a worn bearing due to fishing line or other debris restricting water flow the bearing can be replaced without even having to haul out the vessel. Many charter and marine service companies do underwater bearing replacement using the Strut-Pro Bearing Replacement Tool.

Feedback On The Strut Pro

"I purchased my kit last Fall, but unexpected events prevented me from actually using it until my boat was hauled this Spring. All I can say is WOW! From the time I opened the box it was only about a half hour before the old bearing was out and the new one installed. The whole procedure was simple and painless, plus I was able to do it all myself. Without this tool it is most likely I would have had the yard perform the work, meaning remove the rudder, prop shaft etc. and would have cost several times what the Strutpro cost me. This tool basically more than paid for itself with a single use. My son also has a boat in need of a cutlass bearing, and the Strut Pro tools will, again, save a pile of money and time. Thanks for producing such a great and useful tool, I couldn’t be more happy!"

- Tad L. 

"I just wanted to let you know that I was able to change out my port cutlass bearing yesterday in no time underwater.  That saved me a round trip to Honolulu and a lot of down time.  It took longer to pull the prop than it did to change the bearing!  It is a wonderful tool and I would highly recommend it to any one.  Many thanks to you and Charlie for a great tool and great people to work with."

- Ian

"I wanted to let you know I received the kit a few weeks back and was put into use straight away. What would of been a 6 hour job removing couplings, rudders and shafts on a twin install, the Strut-ProTM kit reduced to 2 hours! Magic. Really impressed with it. I have hired it out to a competitor 20 miles away from me who will be contacting you to purchase one also." 

- Dallas S.

"I just wanted to thank you for producing an excellent tool. I used the tool on Saturday and had a great experience. Once assembled, the process took only a few minutes per side, indeed my experience showed that each bearing was removed in much less than 10 minutes per side.  I have already showed this to my local marina, who will probably be in touch with you soon regarding a kit. I also showed this kit to one of my friends at my marina and he was very impressed and also quite upset because he had spent over 6 hours removing 1 stubborn bearing the weekend before – which I could have removed with the tool in minutes! In summary this is a high quality product, which offers real value for money, and one I am very pleased with."

- George R.

*For more feedback on the Strut Pro, see Testimonials attachment!

About the Manufacturer - Global Marine Industries

Global Marine Industries, Inc. is a U.S. manufacturer specializing in cost effective, innovative marine products.  Global Marine Industries’ wholly owned subsidiary, Global Marine Surveyors, Inc., was founded in 1971 and has provided thousands of marine inspections throughout the U.S. and abroad.  Through their extensive marine knowledge they developed the Strut-Pro, a tool for professionals and do-it-yourself boat owners alike.  Global Marine’s products are widely accepted as the standard in affordable strut bearing replacement and are used worldwide.

After Sales Support

Global Marine Industries’ “after-sale” customer service is second to none. They can be contacted via telephone or email.


All components are warranted against breakage, under normal use, for 12 months from date of purchase. Should breakage occur, call Global Marine Industries, and any defective parts will be repaired or replaced at no cost.


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