Greatland Green Rescue Laser Flare - Laser Emergency Signaling Device

Greatland Green Rescue Laser Flare - Laser Emergency Signaling Device

Greatland Green Rescue Laser Flare - Laser Emergency Signaling Device

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GREATLAND Green Rescue Laser Flare - Hand-held day / night laser signaling device provides a convenient, effective way to signal a rescue party. Waterproof, rugged design. Brilliant green light makes it most visible of the three Greatland laser flares and preferred style of Search and Rescue (SAR) professionals. Effective for up to 30 miles by night, 1-5 miles by day. Non-flammable, environmentally safe, and can operate continuously for 5 hours on a single, replaceable CR123 lithium battery (available at most department stores). GLF032-01.

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GREATLAND Green Rescue Laser Flare - Rescue Laser Light (GLF032-01). Brilliant Green Light, Most Visible Laser Flare   

Greatland Rescue Laser Flares use patented technology to create a line of laser light that when "painted" across an area guarantees that you will hit your target. In a survival situation, the ability to easily signal across large distances is the key to getting rescued. This chart illustrates how effective and far reaching Greatland Rescue Laser Flares can be.

    GREATLAND Green Rescue Laser Flare

By drawing a vertical fan of light that spreads thousands of feet long at miles of distance, even under duress, it is easy to make sure that your laser flare signal catches the eye of a possible rescuer. In addition, by diffusing the laser from a potential dangerous point of light into a spread out line, your target will see a brief, but bright, momentary flash as the laser line crosses their field of vision. At distances of 13 feet or more, the GREATLAND Green Rescue Laser Flare is perfectly eye safe, yet incredibly effective from up to 30 miles away.

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Specifications of the Greatland Green Rescue Laser Flare (GLF032-01

  • Visibility: 30 miles (48 km) nighttime, optimum conditions
  • 1-5 miles (1.6-8 km) daytime
  • Waterproof: to 80 feet (24 m) 
  • Laser Diode: Red - 5,000 hours meantime life
  • Laser Class:  3R < 5mW cw max
  • Wavelength: 532nm
  • Beam Divergence:  ≤ 3 degrees
  • Laser Operation: Twist cap laser activation
  • Construction: Anodized 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Operational Life: 5 hours continuous use before changing battery
  • Dimensions: 4.72”(L) x 0.88”(dia.)
  • Weight: 2.75 oz. without battery
  • Battery: CR123 Lithium Battery
  • Made in USA

Who Needs A Rescue Laser Flare?

Rescue Laser Light Boating Flare


Offshore sailing brings another level of risk, so many sailors like to have a laser flare on board. Small red units attached to their PFDs and a longer range green one at the helm or with their safety kit.


Locate a man overboard in the dark. Find mooring balls and fishing gear. Signal other boats and aircraft in search and rescue emergencies with your laser light.


Signal for help, warn oncoming boats of your presence or locate your gear at night. The waterproof design of the Rescue Laser products make it a practical survival tool for kayakers.

While highly popular for marine uses, the Greatland Rescue Laser Light is also used by pilots, police officers, fire fighters and military personnel.  

Reviews and Success Stories - Greatland Rescue Laser Flare

marine electronic laser rescue flare

"This Signal Laser is perhaps one of the best night signals invented."

    -US Navy Aviation Survival Gear Field Test Report

"We've been watching this product develop for several years, and now that we've tested it, we're impressed... A worthy addition to pyrotechnic kits and personal survival gear, this simple but ingenius tool is moving toward a place at center stage in the search-and-rescue world."

"Having operated for several years on a search and rescue helicopter in Alaska I can give firsthand information at how effective the Rescue Laser Flare really is.  I am happy to report that I never had to use it in a real emergency but we would incorporate them into training scenarios on a regular basis. Every winter I would take my newer crew members out and have the helicopter drop us off, we would then hike a short distance to a different LZ and we would test different signaling devices. Without fail the Rescue Laser Flare was almost always noted as being the most effective at getting the pilot’s attention. Furthermore, the rugged design always helps in the field, I have used the Laser Flare at negative 30 degrees Fahrenheit and it worked."

   -Adam Davis, Alaska based Search and Rescue Team

"Sitting dead in the water 18 miles out of Seward (Alaska) in foggy late evening conditions. I used my laser light to signal an approaching boat. After waving the laser light twice the boat immediately turned and headed straight for us. The intensity of the laser caught the eye of the party on the other boat. Instead of having to spend the night out on the ocean we got a 3-hour tow back to the harbor. Thank you Greatland Laser!"

   -Erik Kenning, Anchorage, Alaska

Greatland Laser

Federal Law allows an EXCEPTION for laser emergency signaling devices to send a distress signal to aircraft.

In February 2012, the United States Congress passed into law HR658 authorizing appropriations for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for fiscal years 2011 through 2014.  Included in the law is Section 311 "Prohibition Against Aiming a Laser Pointer at an Aircraft".  Section 311 39A(c)(3) on page 56 specifically exempts "an individual using a laser emergency signaling devices to send an emergency distress signal."

Greatland Laser has sold its patented laser flare throughout the world since 2001.  Greatland has never had a safety issue with the products.  Under the exception provided in this federal law, Rescue Lasers are legal to signal an aircraft for help in an emergency.