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Marine Sound Systems
Add the perfect soundtrack to your life on the water with marine sound systems here at Citimarine Store - marine stereos, speakers, amplifiers and more! A selection of the best brands of marine sound systems for your boat. Free US shipping on orders over $99!

Marine Sound Systems FAQs

Frequently asked questions about sound systems for your boat.

Yes, because of their durability and ability to withstand moisture and UV rays. As a result, we always advocate choosing true marine-grade stereos and speakers when in a marine environment.
A high-quality marine stereo will generate 40-60 watts of peak power per channel. Since the majority of stereos have 4 channels, the total peak power output should be between 160 and 240 watts.
Look for a receiver with high RMS power, a wide range of frequencies and compatibility with bluetooth devices. When choosing a marine stereo, generally, the better the specifications on paper, and more reputable the brand, the better the sound. If you’d like to tune in to FM radio, look for one with low FM sensitivity specifications. In the case of marine stereos that play CDs and are not connected via bluetooth, look for high signal-to-noise ratios.
In some cases it’s possible to obtain high-quality sound without an additional amplifier. Many marine stereos have a surprisingly powerful built-in amplifier. You can always attempt to play your stereo without an amplifier first, and should you not be satisfied with the level of output, add an amplifier. You don't always need an amplifier, but in general your sound system will produce better sound quality with an amplifier.
The main difference is the ability to withstand salt corrosion and harsh environments. When it comes to materials used to create sound systems, marine stereos and speakers boast the greatest resistance to the salty, ocean environment. Meanwhile, car speakers don't get exposed to water or direct sunlight, and therefore don’t require as durable construction. Power and ability to carry sound are also kept in mind when manufacturing marine sound system components, in order to be heard among the waves and other sea conditions.