FB500 Fleet Broadband Antenna System

FB500 Fleet Broadband Antenna System

FB500 Fleet Broadband Antenna System

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MFG#: F3-6502



Professional grade communications in all the world's oceans

The Intellian FB500 is a truly professional grade solution used by the world’s leading commercial shipping companies, offshore operators and ocean cruisers around the globe. FB500 allows the fastest but cost-effective Fleet Broadband service. It is designed for intensive use onboard merchant and offshore vessels or large fishing and workboat applications.

  • Inmarsat's global broadband I4 satellite coverage

  • Simultaneous voice, data, SMS and fax service

  • Compact and reliable hardware designed to operate in all ocean conditions

  • Streaming IP Capability for mission critical services and remote support

  • Built in Wi-Fi Access Point for immediate connectivity to any device

  • Matching dome solutions to Intellian’s i-Series and s-Series (Marine Satellite TV Antenna System)

  • Competitive and customized Intellian Inmarsat airtime


  • Compact global maritime terminal: With its 15.5 lb. weight and 27 5/8" height, Intellian FB500 is a compact Fleet Broadband maritime terminal. Available diameters (matching TV domes): 27 5/8" (i6); 42 1/2" (i9); 52 3/8" (t110); Available heights (matching TV domes): 28 5/16" (i6); 43 5/16" (i9); 55 1/8" (t110).

  • Simultaneous data and voice access: Up to 432Kbps data rates, as many as nine separate phone calls at one time, Fax, SMS and IP Streaming capability keeps your crew connected.

  • Built-in Wi-Fi access point: Connect any device to the internet using the built in Wi-Fi functionality. No additional hardware required to get your vessel linked up to the web.

  • Reliable hardware: In addition to passing Inmarsat’s rigorous type approval process for designing a terminal that meets their highest standards, all Intellian FB terminals are extensively tested prior to shipment

  • Global service network: Intellian’s three year warranty is backed by and extensive global support network of more than 300 trained service technicians in over 45 countries

  • Rack-mountable ACU option: For vessels preferring to keep their electronics equipment neatly stored in a server rack configuration, a rack mountable Below Decks Unit is available for the FB250.

  • Ruggedized handset: The plug-and-play handset provides a familiar user interface on a 2.2" diagonal TFT color screen and features common-sense technology, such as an echo cancellation and noise suppression function to eliminate background engine or wind noise and ensure excellent audio clarity

  • Matching dome solution: The FB500 radome can be matched with the Intellian i6 or s6HD satellite TV antenna systems to create just the right look for your vessel

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