M260 Depth Transducers

M260 Depth Transducers

M260 Depth Transducers

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Depth transducer, 50/200KHz, 1000 Watt, Broadband. M260 Liquid-filled in-hull housing. Includes cable with connector for DSM30/300.

MFG# A66089



The M260 is a 1kW in-hull broadband fishfinder transducer with the same performance as the B260 and TM260. This is a depth-only transducer that mounts inside a hull. The active element mounts in a tank (included) which is glued to the hull and filled with non-toxic antifreeze. This transducer is for use with solid fiberglass hulls only. Cored hulls will impede the signal.

The M260 is shipped as a generic 'Mix and Match' transducer plus a brand-specific adapter cable. If you change fishfinder brands in the future, you can continue to use the transducer with a new adapter cable.

This '-RAY' version is for Raymarine sounders and fishfinders that use the DSM300 transducer connector. This includes the DSM30, DSM300, DSM250, L755, L760, L1250, L1260, V820 and V850. (Do not use this version for the new a, c and e Series or for the older A Series or DSM25 which take the '-RAYA' connector).

Product Features

  • In-hull unit with tank
  • Frequency 50/200 kHz
  • Beam cone 19 deg at 50 kHz, 6 deg at 200 kHz
  • Maximum depth range 1800-2500 ft at 50 kHz, 700-1000 ft at 200kHz
  • Tank can be cut to adjust for hull deadrise
  • Tank should be epoxied to hull
  • Tank should be filled with non-toxic antifreeze (not mineral oil)
  • Transducer bolts into top of tank as shown

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