S35 Remote Control

S35 Remote Control

S35 Remote Control

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S35 NFU Steering lever, Non-follow-up, spring loaded steering lever for AP24, AP28, AP35 & AP50 pilots.

MFG# 23241227


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Simrad S35 is designed for indoor and outdoor bulkhead mount and is made of shock resistant polyxymethylene. The lever has spring loaded return to midposition. A push button with light indicator is used for mode selection when connected to a Simrad J3XX junction unit.

The Simrad S35 is Wheelmark approved for AP50 and AP50 Plus Autopilot systems.

Key Features

  • Outdoor mounting

  • Illuminated mode button

  • IP56 (splashproof) protection

  • Wheelmark approved for AP50 & AP50 Plus systems

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