Folded Dipoled Antenna

Folded Dipoled Antenna

Folded Dipoled Antenna

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Folded Dipoled Antenna

MFG#: IC-AH-710


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AH-710 Icom HF Folded Dipole Antenna 

* 1.9 - 30MHz 
* Type Terminated Folded Dipole 
* Power 150W PEP 
* VSWR 1.9-18MHz <2:1, VSWR 9-18MHz <2.5:1 
* Length 24m 

The ICOM AH-710 is a complete preassembled multi-band, folded dipole. It is designed to work with any of the Icom ham HF transceivers including Marine transceivers. The AH-710 can be installed as a Flat Top or an Inverted V configuration. The antenna comes with 30m of coax cable with PL-259's at each end. One end of which plugs into the SO-239 center-feed of the antenna and the other end to the radio socket. It also comes with 10m of white nylon halyard and waterproof tape.

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