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Marine Air Conditioner FAQ

Have boat air conditioning questions before you make your decision? We can help.

Calculate the volume of the space you'll be cooling (LxWxH). Multiply volume by 14 BTU/cubic foot, then add 1,000 BTUs. Call us for help figuring out marine air conditioner size.
For the more handy boaters out there, you may be able to install your unit on your own. Search for installation / electrical connection support videos from the manufacturer.
Self-contained marine air conditioners will typically be mounted in a locker or under a bunk, draw in water from a thru-hull connection and combine it with eco-friendly refrigerants that create cool air. This air is then blown throughout the space by a blower motor and fan.
A split system has the a/c components split between two separate units (condensing unit and evaporating unit) installed in different locations and connected by insulated copper tubing through which the refrigerant travels.
Chilled water marine air conditioners consist of a chiller, located in the engine room, that cools (or heats) fresh water, then pumps it through an insulated piping loop to air handlers located in the living spaces, where the air is cooled (or heated).
Many marine air conditioners have a reverse-cycle mode, which changes the flow of refrigerant and turns the system into a heat pump. The compressor pumps hot, pressurized refrigerant into the air handler where it transfers its heat to the cabin via the flow of cool cabin air over the coils.
Self-contained units are generally the best solution for boats up to 40', split systems are found on boats up to 80' in length, and chiller units are used on larger boats and yachts. Contact us for the right solution for your boat.