MCGV150-460V/3PH - 150,000 BTUs

MCGV150-460V/3PH - 150,000 BTUs

MCGV150-460V/3PH - 150,000 BTUs

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MCGV Modules Reverse Cycle, R410A Refrigerant, 150,000 BTUs / 460V / 3PH, DDC Control (Not Included).

OLD MFG#: 260152031

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The Standard In Chilled Water Marine Air Conditioning

Marine Air’s MCG chilled water series is available in capacities ranging from 24,000 (2 ton) to 180,000 (15 ton) BTU/hr. Featuring a compact base design, MCG modules can be staged to provide a larger system, which is easily retrofitted and serviced in the field. Up to six 15-ton stages can be configured for a system total of 1,080,000 BTU/hr, or 90 tons.

Each refrigerant circuit is hermetically sealed and factory pre-charged with R-410A refrigerant. This environmentally safe refrigerant has exceptional thermodynamic properties and maximizes system efficiency.

Key benefits

- Compact footprint for installation flexibility

- Aluminum construction is corrosion resistant and lightweight
- Up to six modules can be multiplexed for larger capacities
- Electrical box can be remotely mounted up to 6 ft. (1.8 m)
- Bi-flow expansion valves balance the system between heat and cool modes
- Compact stainless-steel brazed plate heat exchangers for maximum efficiency
- Spiral-fluted cupronickel condenser coil provides maximum heat transfer and corrosion resistance
- Digital Diagnostic Controller (DDC) monitors and protects the system
- Engineered to maximize the performance of R-410A, an environmentally safe refrigerant
- Charged, tested, and leak checked at the factory
- Meets or exceeds all applicable standards and regulation
- Charge Guard protection provides sealed access ports, ensuring environmental protection - and chiller module integrity


Specs MCGX Chiller


For Multi-Stage Systems

CGX Dimensions


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