EBE30 Evaporator Unit - 230V - 30,000 BTUs

EBE30 Evaporator Unit - 230V - 30,000 BTUs

EBE30 Evaporator Unit - 230V - 30,000 BTUs

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NEW Cruisair EBE Series Evaporator Unit, 30,000 BTUs, R410A refrigerant, 50-60Hz, 230V *some EBE models available with heat. Contact us for more info

MFG#: 215400530

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This system requires EPA certification* in order to purchase. Please email certificate to info@citimarine.com before placing order.



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  • The New Standard In Marine High-Performance Evaporators
  • Compact EBE split evaporators for boats are draw-through, ductable cooling units with reverse-cycle heating. Featuring a rotatable, high-efficiency permanent split capacitor (PSC) blower in which the motor is concealed, EBE series evaporators are available in capacities from 6K to 36K BTU/hr. EHBE units have electric heat.
  • The EBE Series was designed for installation low in a closet, cabinet, or other enclosed space, with discharge air ducted to one or more grilles high in the cabin.
  • Vibration-isolation mounting is built into each EBE unit to reduce noise and vibration. The PSC blower is supported by a sturdy aluminum bracket with isolation grommets to reduce possible vibration. The blower’s internal motor housing reduces the overall unit depth for easier installation and promotes quieter operation.
  • EBE models work with Emerald R-410A condensing units.
  • Key benefits

  • Compact ductable cooling or heating units
  • High-velocity (HV) fully-insulated blowers are rotatable
  • Insulated condensate pan with anti-slosh, anti-fungal foam lining
  • Available with electric heat (EHBE models)
  • High-efficiency evaporator coil
  • Larger blower inlet for increased air flow across the coil
  • Blower support bracket with cushioned mounts to reduce noise and vibration
  • Increased metal thickness on structural parts for added strength
  • Thermal expansion valve for optimal performance over a range of conditions
  • Designed to be used with Emerald Series (R-410A) condensers

Technical Specifications

Capacity (BTU/h)
Voltage (V)
Cycle (Hz)
50-60 (Dual)
Phase (Ph)
Full Load Amps (FLA) Cool (A)
Full Load Amps (FLA) Heat
Full Load Amps (FLA) Blower (A)
Locked Rotor Amps (LRA)
Refrigerant Type
Sound Level
Component Type
Evaporator Units
*The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has required that all persons handling refrigerants should be certified. If you are not certified you can't legally buy refrigerants.



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