NSS12 Evo2 / Broadband 4G Radar Bundle

NSS12 Evo2 / Broadband 4G Radar Bundle

NSS12 Evo2 / Broadband 4G Radar Bundle

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SIMRAD NSS12 evo2 / Broadband 4g Radar Bundle. MFD - built in high gain 10Hz GPS / GLONASS, CHIRP / Traditional sonar, StructureScan & Insight charts. Low profile glass design, widescreen, multi touch, crystal clear 12.1"  display. New, easy-to-use HEROiC Software maximizes benefits of widescreen technology. Broadband 4G Radar.

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SIMRAD Evo2/Broadband 4G Radar Bundle - Simrad Radar Packages

SIMRAD NSS12 evo2 / Broadband 4g Radar Bundle

To complete your NSS evo2 navigation and fishfinding system, the SIMRAD NSS12 evo2/Broadband 4g Radar Bundle combines the cutting edge NSS12 evo2 Multi-function Display with Simrad's world famous 4G™ Radar. 000-11451-001

SIMRAD NSS12 evo2's widescreen display features a tablet-style home screen with pre-set navigation panels and programmable favorites for concise display of information, and easily identifiable touchscreen function keys.

Built-in SonarHub Sounder Module: NSS evo2 displays incorporate technology designed for bluewater anglers and cruisers, and provide a wealth of expansion options for boaters to get the most on their expeditions. The SonarHub Sounder Module is integrated in the NSS12 evo2 Fishfinder/Chartplotter Combo units and combines award-winning StructureScan™ Sonar, Broadband Sounder and CHIRP technology to give anglers the ability to view fish and structures in both sidescan/downscan 3D imaging and high-definition sonar. The NSS12 evo2 also provides full autopilot integration for control from its TouchSensible display, and the internal high-gain 10Hz GPS antennas provide precise location information.

GoFree Wi-Fi integration with your mobile devices: Simrad’s GoFree Wi-Fi option allows viewing and control of the NSS screen from a compatible tablet as well as viewing from a compatible smartphone. The system’s networking capability allows the addition of extra screens, display of engine instruments and the ability to control an iPhone music playlist via the navigation screen.

Digital Switching and NMEA 2000 whole-vessel networking: NSS evo2 integration can be extended for complete vessel control with digital switching, night-vision camera control (FLIR™) or HDMI video output to a TV in the saloon. Cartography compatibility includes Insight, C-Map MAX-N and Navionics.

Style that enhances the look of the helm: Engineered for form and function, the NSS12 evo2 multi-function display enhances the helm of any vessel. Their flush-mount design provides a professional, low profile look that is complemented by classic black or brushed silver trim panels—both included with every system.

Key Features of NSS12 Evo2 MFD

Low Profile Glass Design
More Screen, Less Border
Widescreen, Multi Touch Display
Built in High Gain 10Hz GPS/GLONASS
Built in CHIRP/Traditional sonar
Built in StructureScan
High Brightness Displays
All new HEROiC Software
OP40 remote operable
Networks with existing NSS, NSE, NSO series MFDs
Networks with all Simrad Performance Modules
8mm Dash Profile: Family Matched with New MO Monitors
OP40 Remote Controllable
Simrad Radar Packages Simrad Bundle
HEROiC Software

All new HEROiC Software has been engineered for ease of use and to maximise the benefits of widescreen multi-touch display technology.
HEROiC has an all new look and feel for Simrad while maintaining the familiar features for the seasoned Simrad user
HEROiC has been designed for mixed-mode user control to provide a powerful multi touch user interface that can also be operated by a keypad when the sea conditions get challenging
HEROiC software is more customisable, allowing users to completely configure the system to their needs.
Personalised Wallpaper
Fully customisable favourites that can be accessed by a long press of the ‘Home’ key: HEROiC utilizes multitouch gestures for object manipulation and menu access. These types of controls are mainstream in todays Tablet/Smartphone market and very intuitive and easy to adapt to.
Pinch to zoom Chart, Echo, Radar
Drag the status bar down from the top of the display to access system controls
OP40 Remote Controllable

NSS evo2 inherits all the existing software feature from NSS RTM 3.0 plus more new for evo2:

FLIR M-Series camera control
OP40 Remote controllable
Dual Radar
48RPM Radar Support
BEP C-Zone Integration
Mercury Vessel View Display Integration
Fusion Link Audio Support, including multiple audio servers
NMEA Data Logging
GRIB Weather support
Adjustable page split ratios and panel layouts
StructureMap overlay

Simrad's Award Winning Broadband 4G Radar Included - Solid State Radar with Many Advantages Over Old-School Pulse Radar - Simrad Bundle

Simrad Radar Packages / Bundles bring Broadband 4G™ Radar, with all of the benefits of the Broadband 3G™ Radar, including a true 200' working range, plus some spectacular extra features. Broadband 4G has an impressive 50 percent more true range than Broadband 3G. Now you can see crystal clear targets up to 36 nautical miles away and inside strong storm cells more than 17 nautical miles away.

Broadband 4G Radar is the only dome radar to incorporate Beam Sharpening, which gives an effective azimuth resolution of a 3.5' open array with Target Separation Control for unrivaled clarity in every situation, giving you the confidence to navigate in any state of visibility. It’s capable of displaying any dual range radar combination, as well as 48RPM and up to 20 MARPA targets, which allows unprecedented simultaneous working ranges, anywhere from 200' up to 36nm in 18 range scales. No other radar in the world can do this.

Key Features of Simrad Broadband 4G Radar

No Main Bang: Revolutionary FMCW technology.
Lowest Emissions: Broadband Radar is so low in emissions, it beats your mobile phone!
InstantOn: InstantOn provides an almost instant radar image. No waiting for your radar to warm up before use!
Maximum Clarity: Broadband Radar’s target separation is unbeatable in a compact radome.
Beam Sharpening: Broadband 4G Radar is the only dome radar in the world to employ Beam Sharpening, which allows you to control the level of target separation, so you can see the sharpest images possible when you need them most.
More Range: 18 range scales up to 36 nautical miles. Now you can see crystal clear targets up to 32 nautical miles away and inside strong storm cells more than 17 nautical miles away.
Dual Range: Capable of displaying Dual Range radar combination when combined with a Zeus system. Monitor targets from 200 feet to 32 nautical miles from a single dome.
Unrivaled Short Range: Outstanding performance where it matters most, within 200ft.
High-Speed Mode: Select 48 RPM for almost instant updating at under 1 nautical mile.
Low Power Consumption: Ideal for sailing boats of any size.
Quick Installation: No reason to open the dome, no tune or zero-mile adjustment, and no radar-licensed technician required.
MARPA Target Tracking: Track up to 10 targets as standard or 20 in Dual Range mode.

Simrad NSS12 evo2 Specifications

Display Type: Multi-touch touchscreen color TFT
Screen Size: 12.1" diagonal
Screen Resolution: 1280 x 720
Preloaded Cartography: World background map
Optional Cartography: Navionics, C-MAP MAX-N, Insight, Insight Genesis, NV Digital, charts produced with Navico Mapcreator
Data Interface: NMEA 2000, NMEA 0183
Receiver Type: Internal 10Hz high gain
Frequency: 455/800 kHz (StructureScan HD), 40-60kHz, 85-145kHz, 130-210kHz (CHIRP), 50 kHz/83kHz/200kHz (Narrow Band)
Maximum DownScan Depth: StructureScan: 300'; CHIRP: 3,500'
Maximum SideScan Range: 300' per side
Transmit Power: 500W RMS (StructureScan HD), 250W RMS (CHIRP)
Transducers: Sold separately
Voltage: 9-31.2V DC
Dimensions: 13 9/16"W x 8 7/16"H x 4 3/16"D
Waterproof Rating: IPX7
Warranty: One year (three years with +1 Advantage)

Simrad Broadband 4G Radar Specifications

Transmit Power: 165mW
Maximum Range: 200' to 36nm with 18 range settings
Effective Horizontal Beamwidth: 2.6°
Rotation Speed: 24/36/48rpm
Height: 11"
Radome Diameter: 19 3/16"
Weight: 16.31lb.
Voltage: 9V to 31.2V DC (12/24V systems)
Amperage: 1.45A (20W @ 13.8V DC); 170mA standby (2.5W)
Data Interface: NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000/SimNet, High-speed Ethernet
Waterproof Rating: IPX6
Warranty: Two years

Transducer Options

This product operates best with the Simrad transducers below, sold separately. Depending on the style of the transducer, you'll get depth, speed and/or temperature readings. Contact us or chat with us below for best pricing or to order one of the following transducers (if not on our site yet) along with your NSS12 Evo2/Broadband 4G Radar Bundle.


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I've always been a Simrad user. This is the best price I could find online and they delivered fast! Can't wait to catch more fish

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