NSS16 evo2 Chartplotter / Multifunction Display

NSS16 evo2 Chartplotter / Multifunction Display

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NSS16 evo2 Chartplotter / Multifunction Display

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SIMRAD NSS16 evo2,16" Widescreen Multi-touch Mulit-Function Display w/ internal GPS and built-in Broadband/CHIRP/StructureScan Sonar. Optional Radar, AIS, Sat WX/Audio, WiFi. Preloaded Insight maps, optional Navionics, C-Map Charts. The MFD includes:

NSS evo2 display
Sun cover
Bezels trim (black and silver)
Power cable, and more...



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SIMRAD NSS16 evo2 Chartplotter / Multifunction Display

The SIMRAD NSS16 evo2 combines an easy-to-use, 16-inch chartplotter/multifunction display with built-in GPS positioning, StructureScan, CHIRP-enabled broadband sonar, and powerful expansion capabilities.

Standalone in a centre console or fully integrated in a modern glass bridge, the widescreen NSS16 evo2 is well suited to sportfishing and power boats.

Key Technologies

Simrad Broadband Radar

Key Features

Utilising FMCW technology and advanced digital signal processing, Broadband Radar offer benefits that no other can match. The solid-state technology eliminates the "main bang" associated with conventional radars, whilst also providing unrivalled short-range target detection and separation xxx.

Beam Sharpening (Broadband 4G™ Radar NSE/NSO only)
Dual Range (Broadband 4G Radar NSE/NSO only)
Unrivalled Short-Range
Crystal Clear Image
Automatic Clarity
MARPA Target Tracking
Dual Guard Zones
Low Power Consumption
Zero Radiation Hazard
High Speed Mode
Ethernet Connectivity

Simrad HD Digital Radar

Key Features

High-definition digital radome and open array radar from Simrad Yachting deliver superior performance for almost any size of vessel. From the compact 2kW radome to the powerful open array scanners, all utilise advanced digital signal processing to ensure exceptional detection of small or distant targets.
Radome or Open Array
High Detail
True Colour
Auto Modes
Chart Overlay
Guard Zones
Ethernet Connectivity

Simrad StuctureScan

Key Features

StructureScan provides the ultimate in reality echosounding with SideScan and DownScan™ imaging for a true 180° view of what's below your boat. In depths of up to 100m StructureScan offers near picture perfect imagery of the bottom, structure and fish.
DownScan™ Imaging
SideScan Imaging
DownScan Overlay
Colour Palette Options
Ethernet Connectivity

Simrad Broadband Sounder

Key Features

The BSM-1 and BSM-2 Broadband Sounder modules utilise advanced digital processing to provide anglers with superior clarity whether fishing in deep or shallow water. New CHIRP technology and a 3000m working range make BSM-2 the choice of professionals and serious sport fishermen.
Deep Water Penetration

CHIRP Technology (BSM-2 only)
Unprecedented resolution
Low Noise
Spread Spectrum Transmit Power
Dual Transceiver Capability (BSM-2 only)
Fully Waterproof
Ethernet Connectivity

Simrad SonicHub

Key Features

SonicHub is a complete marine audio server with waterproof dock for your iPod, iTouch, iPhone or MP3 USB drive, which can be controlled from your chartplotter / multifunction display. Never leave the dock without your favourite tunes again!
iPhone, iTouch, iPod Compatible
USB Drive Compatible
Waterproof Docking Case
AM/FM Radio
Sirius Weather Integration
Multi-Zone Control
Video Integration
NMEA2000® Connectivity

The NSS16 evo2 is engineered for performance, functionality and flexible control. Its TouchSensible interface provides multi-touch interaction for ease of use when cruising, as well as a keypad and a rotary push-to-enter dial for quick and effective use on those days when waves and boat movement make it hard to use a touchscreen accurately.

Simrad Yachting’s HEROiC software has been optimised for the NSS16 evo2’s widescreen HD display and multi-touch interface, making use of common gestures that smartphone and tablet users will find familiar. A new Nav page puts key navigational information together in one place, and customisable favourites allow quick access to the functions you use most.

SonarHub is integrated in the NSS16 evo2 and combines award-winning StructureScan Sonar, Broadband Sounder and CHIRP technology to give anglers the ability to view fish and structure in both 3D imaging and high-definition sonar.

The NSS16 evo2 provides full autopilot integration for control from its TouchSensible display, and the embedded high-gain 10Hz GPS/GLONASS receiver provides precise location information without external hardware on most fibreglass boats.

Engineered for form and function, the NSS16 evo2 enhances the helm of any vessel. Its flush-mount design provides a professional, low profile look that is complemented by classic black or brushed silver trim panels – both included with every system.

Bridge Control

Easily manage multiple displays across a helm station with Bridge Control. Link up to four displays as a ‘bridge’, then create your own bridge presets for activities such as docking, navigation, fishing, or diving. Bridge presets control what appears on each display, and let you configure an entire helm station with just one simple action.

Bridge Control effortlessly extends to vessels with dual helms or multiple stations, with the ability to define up to four separate bridges. Each bridge has its own displays and presets: set up the cockpit with echosounder and StructureScan displays for fishing, while dedicating your flybridge displays to navigation and autopilot. Adapt your configuration as your needs or equipment change, with the ability to create, edit, and delete bridges and presets on the fly.

Bridge Control works with any of the Simrad NSS evo2 multifunction displays, and NSO evo2 modular performance navigation systems. For more than two displays, additional NSS evo2 displays or NSO evo2 processors are required.

Integrate and Expand

The Simrad NSS16 evo2 can be expanded and enhanced to suit boaters’ specific needs, with Simrad Yachting and Simrad Professional Series performance modules.

Add 4G broadband radar, StructureScan HD, GoFree WiFi for tablet and smartphone control of your NSS16 evo2, SonicHub marine audio with iPod/iPhone dock, and more.

With dual chart card slots built in, you’re free to choose from a wide range of cartography options to best suit your location and usage. The NSS16 evo2 has support for C-MAP MAX-N, Navionics, Insight, Insight Genesis and NV Digital Charts.

Navionics Autorouting / Jeppesen Easy Routing

Automatic routing brings the convenience of in-car navigation to boating, giving you the confidence to navigate unfamiliar waters and letting you get underway with less delay.

Navionics Autorouting and Jeppesen Easy Routing are both fully supported on the NSS16 evo2. Simply select a destination, and the chartplotter will automatically suggest the shortest, safest route taking into consideration the draught and dimensions of your vessel.

Navionics Autorouting works with Navionics+ or Navionics Platinum charts. Jeppesen Easy Routing requires Jeppesen CMAP MAX-N+ charts.

* Automatic routing features are unavailable in North America.

Jeppesen Tides and Currents

Navigate, fish, and plan your trips easier with support for Jeppesen’s global Tides and Currents. When used with Jeppesen CMAP MAX-N charts, the NSS16 evo2 can display predicted tides and currents for a location in real-time, or make tide and current projections for a future trip.

Zoom in to see dynamic current data directly incorporated into your navigational charts, with animated icons to indicate speed and direction.



Display Size: 16.0” (406.4mm) Widescreen
GPS Antenna: 10Hz High Gain built-in GPS
Display: Backlighting Levels
Enhanced LED / 1200 nits
Display Resolution [pixels x pixels]: 1366 x 768
Display Type: WVGA Color TFT LCD


Operating Temperature: -15°C to +55°C (5°F to 131°F)
Waterproof Standard/rating: IPx7
Product Width: 16.89” (429mm)
Product Depth: 4.13” (105mm)
Product Height: 9.69" (246mm)


Power Supply (Supply Voltage): 9-32V DC


Languages: 31
Other Features
Waypoint Storage: 10,000 points total combined waypoints / route points

  • NSS evo2 display
  • Suncover
  • Bezels trim (black and silver)
  • Power cable
  • Self tapping pozi screws
  • NMEA 2000 dust cap
  • HDMI dust cap
  • Ethernet dust cap
  • Sonar dust cap (not with M series)
  • Bracket/Knobs (gimbal type, all sizes except NSS16 evo2)
  • VESA adaptor (NSS16 evo2 model only)
  • Document pack (includes: installation manual, user manual, quick start guide, templates and warranty card)
SIMRAD NSS16 evo2 000-11196-001