Type 1/12v Hydraulic Pump

Type 1/12v Hydraulic Pump

Type 1/12v Hydraulic Pump

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Type 1 12-volt hydraulic pump for use with steering systems equipped with 4.9–14 cubic inch (80cc – 230cc) hydraulic steering rams.

MFG#: M81120



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Raymarine Hydraulic Pump Type 1/12v


Vessel Displacement: Does not apply here. The drive unit is matched to the ram capacity of the steering system
Ram Capacity: 80cc – 230cc
Maximum Stall Pressure at 12V: 50bar (750psi)
Peak Flow Rate (No Load): 1000cc/min (67in3/min)
ACU Used: ACU-200

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Warranty On Raymarine Type 1/12v Hydraulic Pump

*2 Year Standard Raymarine Warranty. Extend into 3 Year Warranty by Registering Product With Raymarine. Your Proof of Purchase documentation is important. Please keep it in a safe place. If you need a warranty service your proof of purchase will be required.

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