OBERDORFER 144-01A46 Centrifugal Pump

OBERDORFER 144-01A46 Centrifugal Pump

OBERDORFER 144-01A46 Centrifugal Pump

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Oberdorfer - 144-01A46 Plastic Centrifugal Pump. 3/8" Hose Connection in - 3/8" Hose Connection Out - 1/8 Air Vent Hose Connection - 1 GPM - Mechanical Seal Type - 3 lbs Weight. Body and Adapter made of non-metallic. The mechanical seal is a carbon and ceramic mechanical rotary face type for positive sealing. Quiet running pump, can hadle contaminated liquids. Compact and Lightway

Part Number: 144-01A46
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OB 144-01A46


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Oberdorfer - 144-01A46 Plastic Centrifugal Pump - 1 GPM - Pipe Size 3/8" - Mechanical Seal

These compact high speed centrifugal pumps are suited for a variety of applications including condensate removal. They are particularly well suited for handling soap solutions in extraction type carpet cleaning equipment. The design's symmetry provides a wide range of configuration possibilities allowing ready customization of discharge port position and optional air vent orientation relative to the motor base.


  • Chemical resistant construction
  • Body and Adapter made of non-metallic glass reinforced Nylon 6/6
  • Impeller made of non-metallic glass reinforced PPS
  • Mechanical Seal - Type 6A carbon/ceramic, silicone rubber elastomer
  • Tolerates intermittent dry running
  • Barbed -Hose Connections
  • Static Nitrile O-Ring body/adapter seal
  • Integrated Air Vent - prevents loss of prime
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Installation/Mounting Versatility - port orientation
  • Universal - Open Drip Proof Motors with internal fan cooling, UL, CSA
  • No 18 Wire leads - 25" long
  • Low amperage - 120VAC, 240VAC (Optional: double insulation) and 12VDC versions.

Liquids and Temperatures 

Maximum fluid temperature is 180°F (82.2°C). Fluids must be compatible with silicone rubber seal elastomer. To promote long product life, assure that ambient air can circulate around the unit to prevent over-heating. Ground metal frame motors.


One of the outstanding features of this pump is its compact A.C. or D.C. motor size. The motors are ODP with an internal cooling fan and are UL listed and is rated for continuous duty. Rotation is clockwise from shaft. 50 Hz is permitted. There is a #6-32 tapped hole ground connection provided on the end of metal framed motors.

Suction Lift

Prevent air trapping in plumbing lines by avoiding loops. Use air vent fitting connection to purge air. Though capable of pulling slight vacuum, the pump performs best under flooded suction conditions when located for gravity feed.

An optional air vent fitting prevents loss of prime that can occur due to entrapped air. It is factory installed with a disposable vent cap. Entrapped air can be encountered in applications where the liquid in the supply tank is completely exhausted. Air can be introduced to the system before the next tank filling.

For best results, configure and install pump with air vent near the top.

Body Orientation

144-01A46 Pump


Oberdorfer 144-01A46