870855700 - 85 mm x 105 mm x 340 mm

870855700 - 85 mm x 105 mm x 340 mm

870855700 - 85 mm x 105 mm x 340 mm

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Johnson Cutless Non-Metallic Sleeve Bearing. Engineered Reinforced Thermoset Plastic. Metric measurements. Duramax Marine is the world's major supplier of marine bearings. Made in the USA. MFG#: 870855700. Free Shipping. In Stock!

Shaft Diameter (mm): 85
Outside Diameter (mm): 105
Length (mm): 340
Metal Thickness (mm): 3.17
Gross Weight (lb.): 3.0
Gross Weight (kg.): 1.4

Duramax Cutless Bearing



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870855700 Johnson Cutless Non-Metallic Sleeve Bearing 

Johnson Cutless Non-Metallic Sleeve Bearings feature a dense structure of engineered reinforced thermoset plastic. The specially compounded Nitrile Rubber is securely bonded to the shell for proper lubrication. Non-metallic sleeve bearings are non-corrosive and inherently resistant to all known chemicals, oil and grease, as well as being anti-electrolytic, they are ideal for installations where corrosion or electrolysis can be a problem.


870855700 Johnson Cutless Bearing


Shaft   Diameter (mm)  Outside Diameter (mm)Length (mm)Metal Thickness (mm)Weight LBSWeight KG
85 105 3403.173.01.4


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