AU Air Handler (Chilled Water) - 12,000 BTUs, 230V, 6" MR

AU Air Handler (Chilled Water) - 12,000 BTUs, 230V, 6" MR

AU Air Handler (Chilled Water) - 12,000 BTUs, 230V, 6" MR

DOMETIC AU Chilled Water Air Handler. 12,000 BTUs, 230V, 6" MR. Designed for easy installation, improved performance. Rust-free composite drain pan, high-velocity blowers & flexible mounting options. Incorporates innovative features for quiet, powerful performance.

Options: Whisper Cool Blower, Breathe Easy Air Purifier 

Description: AU12HVZ 6"MR 230V
MFG #: 9108750669
OLD MFG #: 261400120

AU12HVZ 6"MR 230V


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DOMETIC AU Air Handler - Chilled Water Air Handlers

DOMETIC chilled water air handler redesigned for easier installation and improved performance. 

Its rust-free, anti-slosh, positive-flow drain pan quickly removes condensate water and a third drain hole can be employed to further increase drainage. Each drain hole is reinforced and has an external stop to prevent over tightening of the screw-in hose barb. For complete flexibility, each drain hole can accept either a straight or 90-degree hose barb.

In addition, the vibration-isolation mounting hardware can be attached at a variety of locations along the perimeter of the drain pan and ensures a quieter performance.

Gold Series air handlers feature powerful high-velocity (HV) blowers. The rotatable blower ring can be positioned easily by adjusting a single screw, and can even blow directly downward. The blower inlet adapter is made of a high-temperature resin to easily withstand the heat generated by the optional internal electric heating element.

Dometic AU Air Handler 9108750669


Whisper Cool - Extremely quiet yet powerful. The AT-DC series harnesses engineering refinements to eliminate the “motor hum” heard from ordinary air handlers operating at very low fan speeds. Incoming alternating current is converted to drive a brushless DC internal blower motor, resulting in super-quiet and highly-efficient performance across all fan speeds.

Integrated Breathe Easy Air Purifier - Stops odors and is up to 99.9 % effective in neutralizing contaminants in the air. Positioned directly in the airstream and uses ultraviolet (UV) light and photocatalytic nano-mesh technology to improve air quality without producing any harmful ozone. The award-winning Breathe Easy eliminates odors and up to 99.9 % of contaminants.

Specifications of DOMETIC AU 12,000 BTU Air Handler - AU12HVZ 6"MR 230V (9108750669)

Dometic Air Handlers AU12HVZ 6"MR 230V

SKU number 9108750669
Short description AU12HVZ 6"MR 230V
Model Chillers Air Handlers AU
Model on label AU12HVZ 6"MR 230V


Net weight 29 lbs


Input voltage (AC 230 V
Input frequency 50/60 Hz
Required AC circuit protection min 1.00 A
Required AC circuit protection max 5.00 A


Refrigerant 1, type H2O
Cooling capacity (ISO 5151) 12000 W
Current consumption max cooling 0.80 A


Dimensions parcel depth 18.5 "
Dimensions parcel height 18.5 "
Dimensions parcel width 29.3 "
Parcel weight 37 lbs

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