VX1 GD Vertical Windlass with 8mm Gypsy & Drum, 500 Watt

VX1 GD Vertical Windlass with 8mm Gypsy & Drum, 500 Watt

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VX1 GD Vertical Windlass with 8mm Gypsy & Drum, 500 Watt

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The Windlass Lewmar VX1 GO 6/7 MM Gypsy & Drum, 500W Motor. Like all Lewmar VX products, the VX1 is lighter, stronger & more efficient than any windlass other in the market. Motor range 500W in 12 Volt. Stylish stainless steel and composite construction. Max. Line Speed (ft/min): 82. Approx. 69100037. Maximum Pull: 1488 lbs, Boat Length up to Approx. 34'.



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Lewmar VX1 GD Vertical Windlass with 8mm Gypsy and Drum, 500 Watt

Lewmar VX1 GD Vertical Windlass with 8mm Gypsy 500 Watt

Lewmar's engineering team is continually exploring, evaluating and testing new materials to ensure cutting-edge products that are lighter, stronger and optimized for better performance.

Lewmar has been able to offer new age technologies to refine the pinwheel design found in the Lewmar VX1 GD Vertical Windlass. This makes the VX range lighter, stronger and more efficient than any other competitor in the market.

The new drum is smaller, more compact, but still has the same line area for grip, offering the same performance as existing Lewmar drums.

This patented hybrid gypsy uses a metal anchor warp core together with a polymer chain wheel. This combination offers a light-weight and quiet solution that ensures a smooth operation, while still offering the long-life durability of the traditional metal gypsy. The polymer chain wheel allows the anchor rode chain to bed-in, creating a jump free quieter operation, while the metal anchor warp core grips the warping during deployment and retrieval of the anchor rode such as with conventional gypsies.

The Lewmar VX1 GD is quieter than any other comparable gypsy on the market, offering the quietest anchoring to date.

Testing endurance life test of the VX1 is 6,000 operations / 300KM at varying loads.

  • Motor range 500W in 12 Volt
  • VX1- Robust worm wheel gearbox
  • Stylish stainless steel and composite construction
  • IP67 cover as standard
  • Same footprint as V1 model
  • 2 models available to suit calibrated chain 8mm
The VX1 windlass kit includes windlass, 70 amp breaker, contactor, and guarded rocker switch.


MAX PULL (LBS): 1488
APPROX WEIGHT GD: 29.76 lbs.