JBL 8" Tower X Marine Speakers

JBL 8" Tower X Marine Speakers

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JBL 8" Tower X Marine Speakers

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JBL 8" Tower X Marine


Model: MT8HLB
  • At JBL, we want to bring your concert to the water. The JBL Tower X MT6HLB includes a 6.5-inch long-throw polyproplyene woofer cone and rubber sourround, coupled with a 1-inch horn-loaded titanium compression tweeter to make sure you get the deep bass, smooth highs, superior sound quality and extreme power handling you expect.
  • JBL Tower X speakers come standard with multicolor RGB LED lighting engineered to withstand the harshest enviornment and keep the party going all night long. Hard-wire directly to the speaker to choose from one of seven color options out of the box, or connect to your existing RGB lighting control system to operate seamlessly with your existing RGB components.
  • JBL Tower X Marine Speakers feature a rugged 360-degree rotating bracket design adjustable to 1.75in. To 3in. Bar sizes. An added bonus the ability to thread your wiring directly from the bar through the bottom bracket and into the speaker enclosure to limit exposed wiring and allow for a clean instsall.
  • For many brands, off-the-shelf speakers and a cursory approbal of frequency response curves are good enough. That's no the case with JBL. We don't only listen to our speakers against the competition - we voice them against each other to ensure each line has the consistent JBL sound signature that's known and sought out by tose who care about their audio. This is just part of an extensive development process undertaken by some o fthe best transducer engineers in the world to provide the finest listening experience at any price point.
  • JBL speakers have to undergo a testing process that would destroy lesser speakers. JBL freezes them, bakes the, shakes them, and drives them at full power for days at a time. In the case of our marine speakers, we add an intense salt spray and UV test to ensure that they provide years fo enjoyment without missing a beat.
  • At JBL, we take pride in our iconic design heritage. Our design team took great care to ensure that your JBL Tower X Marine Speakers will look great on your boat. The smooth curve of the enclosure body, angular grille face design with embedded JBL horn logo, and "jet engine" component at the rear of the of enclosure all tie together with our classic, current and future design language while concentrating on the design of your boat.
  • JBL Tower X Marine Speakers include a patent pending angled face speaker design that points the speakers at the rider's listening position instead of the water at the back of the boat. This provides the rider with excellent sound quality, reduces the smearing effect caused by your music reflecting off the water, and an enjoyable listening experience for everyone else inside the boat.
  • For JBL, failure is not an option. Extreme care was taken to engineer marine-grade materials & components that overcome the demands of harsh marine enviornments. We will not rest until we are sure your product will survive for years to come.

The JBL Tower X Marine Speaker system is ready to take your next outdoor adventure to the next level. The fully marinized speakers deliver a JBL pro sound experience complete with RGB lighting to bring it to life. Their rigid Polypropylene long-throw woofer cones deliver great bass to ensure you never miss a beat, coupled with a titanium horn-loaded compression tweeter and fidelity for accurate reproduction. The woofer and tweeter assembly incorporates a patent pending design that helps to project the sound over the stern of the boat, directly to the wave rider's sweet spot, while providing great sound inside the boat.

SpecificationsPower Handling150Wrms, 450W peakSensitivity (@ 2.83V)92BFrequency Response40Hz — 20kHzVoice Coil Diameter1.5in. (38.5mm)Impedance4ohmsAdjustable bar diameter from 1.75in - 3in. (44.5mm - 76.2mm)Yes
What's in the Box:
2x Enclosed speaker assembly2x Two-piece bracket assembly4x Rubber padMounting hardware: 2x hex head screws, 2x M6 bolts, 4x M8 x 35mm bolts, 4x M8 x 55mm bolts, 4x Flat-washers, 4x Lock-washers, 2x M8 hex-keys, 2x M6 hex-keys2x RGB lighting cable2x Security cable2x Neoprene Cover2x JBL stickerQuick Start Guide