VSBDC1-3XE Supreme Boat Hookah System

VSBDC1-3XE Supreme Boat Hookah System

VSBDC1-3XE Supreme Boat Hookah System

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Brownie's VSBDC1-3XE Supreme Boat Hookah System, 3 Diver, has motor/compressor assembly, batteries, auto recharge, air intake, heat hose, Owner’s Manual, (1) 100 ft down line, 2 QRS Y-Divider, (3) 20ft diver hoses, (3) Brownie’s patented Drop Weight Cummerbelts, 3 Brownie’s hookah regulators, and deluxe mesh duffle gear bag. 3 Complete Egressor mini-scuba system with 6 cu ft tank




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Brownie's VSBDC1-3XE Supreme Boat Hookah System - 3 Diver "XE" Pacakage

The perfect diving solution for small to mid sized boats, yacht tenders, sport fishing boats, etc. The VS1 Boat system shares the same motor/compressor as our popular VS Floating Hookah systems. We tweaked the configuration just enough to make it work perfectly for boat installations.

The VS1 configuration includes the motor/compressor with batteries on an easily mounted base. We added electronics to recharge the batteries automatically from your running engine(s).

You can expect run times of 60-90 minutes on a fully charged battery set. Since the power source for the hookah set is self contained, you won’t need to worry about draining your engine or house batteries while you dive. The system recharges automatically as you run to your next dive site.

The compressor provides a smooth supply of air for up to 3 divers. It’s an easy upgrade to add more family fun to almost any boat.

Includes: motor/compressor assembly, (2) batteries (PC925), auto recharge system, air intake, 5 ft heat hose with easy to clean in-line particle filter, Owner’s Manual (1) 100 ft down line with QRS fittings, (2) QRS Y-Divider, (3) 20ft diver hoses with QRS fittings, (3) Brownie’s™ patented Drop Weight Cummerbelts™, (3) Brownie’s™ hookah regulators, and deluxe mesh duffle gear bag. (3) Complete Egressor™ mini-scuba system with 6 cu ft tank.


Motor: .75 HP TEFC motor with sealed switch
Compressor: Single-Head Direct-Drive Oilless
Power compatibility: 12vdc, supplied from engine alternator
Performance: 3 cfm @ 45 psi, 2650 rpm (2 divers to 65ft, 3 divers to 35ft)
Run time: 60-90 minutes, depending on diver demand
Weight: 82 pounds
Dimensions: 18.25″L x 15.75″D x 12.50″H

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