Pro Series Marine LED Floodlight - 50,000 Lumens

Pro Series Marine LED Floodlight - 50,000 Lumens

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Pro Series Marine LED Floodlight - 50,000 Lumens

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The DuraBrite Pro Series Marine LED Floodlight pushes the lumens-to-weight ratio boundaries to the extreme. Its sleek, rugged, and powerful design offers 50,000 lumens, at the low current draw that DuraBrite is known for (80% less energy than other floodlights, 400W for DC Power, 440 for AC)! IP68 Waterproof certification. Aerospace & military grade material. 5 Year Factory Warranty. Made in the USA. Also great for land-based applications.

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DuraBrite Pro Series Marine LED Floodlight - 50,000 Lumens

DuraBrite’s Pro Series pushes the lumens-to-weight ratio boundaries to the extreme. Its sleek, rugged, and powerful design offers 50,000 lumens, still with a low current draw that has become synonymous with the DuraBrite name. The Pro, with its standard wired dimming feature, represents our most powerful and cost effective light to date for land and marine applications.

Military grade design and state-of-the-art technology are key staples to every Durabrite Product, and the Pro Series is exemplary of this commitment to design. The IP68 rated Pro Series is natively DC powered at 12v/24v, and is available for both spot and flood optics. Additionally, for AC power applications, a separate AC adapter is available for purchase. 

DuraBrite products balance brightness, color rendition accuracy, beam uniformity, beam spread angle, temperature control, and the weight and feel of each floodlight to help you do your job safely with the best overall illumination possible.

Features Of The DuraBrite Pro Series Marine LED Floodlight

Durabrite's LED floodlights come packed with features that make it the perfect floodlight for illuminating your ocean expeditions at night.

Durabrite LED Flood Lights

  • 50,000 Lumens
  • Select 76° Floodlight Beam or 20° Spotlight Beam
  • Select DC 12-24v or AC (100-300v)
  • 5,000K Cool White Color Optics
  • High Efficiency (Scalable to 125+ lm/W)
  • Low Power Consumption (400W DC power, 440W for AC)
  • Aerospace And Military Grade Design & Materials
  • Designed to Withstand the Harshest of Environments - High Vibration, Acidity, Extreme Temperatures, moisture, etc.
  • Easily Adjustable Light Distribution Options
  • Ceramic Pro Coating
  • Daylight Shutdown Option
  • Double Seal Technology
  • Superior Thermal Management (Via Simulations And Thermal Reliability Testing)
  • Gore Vent Technology
  • IP68 Waterproof
  • Black or white exterior option
  • UL Listed 
  • Designed and made in the USA 
  • 5 Year Limited Factory Warranty
  • Dimensions: 19.3” x 14.6” x 3.5”

Tested To Withstand Even The Harshest Marine Environments

Military grade materials and rock-solid construction allow Durabrite lights to withstand extreme vibration, shock, pressure and water submersion, guaranteed through hundreds of hours of testing.

Durabrite has designed their products to be lightweight but tough as nails and virtually indestructible to survive the elements and daily use. They meet these demands by guaranteeing their product’s performance through the extensive testing for each design feature.

From Sport Fishing to Commercial Liners to Land-Based Swat Vehicles, Durabrite Lights Have a Wide Range of Applications

While designed to thrive in the marine environment, DuraBrite Floodlight's energy-efficiency, durability and ability to withstand all types of weather have made it a favorite floodlight for several uses, including land-based applications.

Marine LED Floodlights
  • Lobstering
  • Tuna Fishing
  • Sport Fishing
  • Commercial Fishing
  • Recreational Vessels
  • Emergency Response & Police Vessels
  • Large Commercial and Industrial Liners
  • Marinas and Docks
  • Fire Rescue Vehicles
  • Sheriff Offices / Swat Vehicles
  • Construction Sites
  • Night Events
  • Parking Lots
And anywhere else that complete night visibility is required. In our images section you can see some of DuraBrite's various applications!

Patented Optical Circuit

LED FloodlightsDuraBrite Marine LED floodlights feature a unique bulb layout designed to minimize shadows and light gaps. All bulbs on Durabrite's lights work together to create a single exceptionally uniform light beam – an important safety feature for superior visibility.

Durabrite lights run cool, and display a consistent uniformity of temperature among all LED bulbs, never reaching more than a 10°C difference between the hottest and coolest bulb.

In the rare event that a chip should burn out; the rest will continue to illuminate. This winning combination of innovative technology, cutting-edge materials and Durabrite's result in not only a more energy-efficient, but overall superior performing, product.

Light Shaping Technology and Science Behind the Energy Efficiency

Light shaping technology
DuraBrite’s light shaping diffuser changes the beam angle on the spot from 20 degrees to 76 degrees on the flood using the world’s most advanced material-science and physics-based technology.  

In addition, as LED chip manufacturing has matured in recent years, DuraBrite has identified industry trends of using just a few large LED chips to attain the same overall optical output at substantially reduced costs and with inferior optics.

Venting System

Venting System
DuraBrite products use a military grade venting system from Gore that prevents condensation build up, which can “fog” a light. The light can basically breathe –as water vapor is drawn out, water droplets are unable to come in. 90% of other lights on the market lack this feature.

Because of this breathability, equalized pressure ensures that each light won’t go out of shape, and your DuraBrite's seals won’t be compromised over time, allowing the IP67 waterproofness rating to be maintained for the entire life of the product. 

High-Performance Materials

High Performance MaterialsMost floodlight manufacturers settle for using plastic in manufacturing when they need to cut weight because it's aneasy and inexpensive path. DuraBrite however, prefers the best way to design a marine floodlight and uses something far more rugged – an advanced engineering composite called Ultem 2300 to construct an incredibly high strength but ultra-light frame around each light fixture.

This material is 30% glass fiber-reinforced, with similar elements employed in state-of-the-art aircraft fuselages. It features the winning attributes of a high-performance polymer with resistance to extreme temperatures, exceptional flame and heat resistance, and the ability to endure up to 340°F and down to -67°F.

DuraBrite's lights are also 100% waterproof and tested for their respective ratings.

Amber LED Lights - Greater Visibility in Heavy Visibility and Snow

Durabrite's Amber LED flood and spotlights are popular with boaters in the Pacific Northwest, and other areas where visibility is necessary through heavy fog.

Amber Marine LED Floodlight

Durabrite Amber LEDs are also effective in heavy snow. Amber light reflects less off of particles in the air than white light, preventing “bounce back” glare to the captain allowing better visibility in hard to see conditions.

Durabrite Marine Floodlights
Putting together their 50+ years of combined engineering experience in the space, aerospace, military and marine fields, the DuraBrite team began with a vision to create advanced lighting solutions that excel across extreme weather applications and operational environments - from crab fishing in Alaska’s Bering Sea, to hazardous construction and demolition environments. The municipal safety, recreation, law enforcement, national defense, and commercial fishing industries were among the first to use DuraBrite floodlights. 

DuraBrite’s CEO is an MIT doctorate recipient and avid inventor responsible for numerous patents, and winner of several prestigious awards for groundbreaking inventions enabling the production of ultra-light weight chassis and ultra-high temperature power electronics.

DuraBrite’s primary financial backer, Sensitron Semiconductor, is an industry-leading supplier of high reliability power electronics to major technology brands including Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, United Technologies, Honeywell, Orbital, and SSL

The DuraBrite family of products have been featured in TV shows like Nat Geo Channel’s “Wicked Tuna” and Animal Planet’s “Whale Wars”.

Specifications & Dimensions of Durabrite Pro Series Marine LED Floodlight / Spotlight






Durabrite AC input


DC Input


Durabrite Pro LED Floodlight Specs

Durabrite Marine Floodlights