STIIC- Smart Touch Integrated Intelligence Control

STIIC- Smart Touch Integrated Intelligence Control

STIIC- Smart Touch Integrated Intelligence Control

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Award winning control for 6-stage chiller, 10 air-handlers or DX controls with canbus, 2 Eskimo Ice, 6 KRA, 18-Cooler box controls, 2 XTC Watermakers, 2 ZTC Spot Zero Water Purifiers (Option to upgrade up to 40 airhandler or DX controls w/canbus)


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Smart Touch Integrated Intelligence Control (STIIC) - Dometic System Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Recognized as a Top Product of the Year in Boating Industry magazine, the Dometic STIIC is a revolutionary and user-friendly software tool that connects a boat’s Dometic systems such as air conditioning, watermakers, ice makers, refrigeration systems, engine ventilation systems and more to the STIIC network, and interactively communicates with you, the boat owner.

Accessible from a mobile app, the STIIC allows you to monitor all your Dometic systems from one location, such as a car, office or beach house, via mobile phone, tablet or computer.

The STIIC can also be used prior to a voyage to start up the boat’s air-conditioner, ensuring that the vessel is cool and comfortable when passengers arrive to board, and can activate a boat’s Dometic Sea Xchange watermaker to ensure there is plenty of fresh, clean water before setting out.

The STIIC system is easy to set up and understand, and automatically expands as new Dometic products are installed on-board. Use of the STIIC interface is always optional and can be bypassed at any time since each Dometic system retains its independent controls for hands-on operation on-board.

The Dometic STIIC mobile intelligence software also simplifies the integration to ship-wide network control systems. Instead of developing an interface for each Dometic product, third-party software developers only need one connection point to STIIC.


-Interactive remote management
-Secure access from Dometic global technical support
-Plug-n-play networking software provides interactive solutions
-Network automatically expands as Dometic products are installed
-Easy-to-use interface
-Easy to configure
-Free app for your iPhone, smart phone, iPad, tablet or computer

MFG#: 263400309