Autopilot, GHP Reactor Corepack w/ Smartpump

Autopilot, GHP Reactor Corepack w/ Smartpump

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Autopilot, GHP Reactor Corepack w/ Smartpump

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GHP Reactor A/P Corepack w/Smartpump, MFG# 010-00705-65, Autopilot system with 9-axis heading sensor, SmartPump with integral processor, GHC 20 control head, buzzer, and Shadow Drive for manual helm control when pilot is engaged.

MFG#: 01-000705-65

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Garmin GHP Reactor Autopilot System - For Hydraulic Steered Vessels - Includes SmartPump

The GHP Reactor autopilot series is the most responsive autopilot system GARMIN has ever offered.

Both powerboat and sailing features are available in all core packs, including heading hold, wind hold, tack/jibe, step turns and more. Pick the autopilot that is compatible with your existing steering system. If you don’t see a compatible GHP Reactor, you’ll find the GHP Reactor Mechanical/Retrofit/Solenoid is compatible with a wide variety of steering systems, whether hydraulic, cable-drive, mechanical and solenoid. Just pair a GRF™ 10 with your drive system that is already on board.

The GHP Reactor Mechanical/Retrofit/Solenoid autopilot core pack is ideal for sailboats, as well as powerboats, with direct or cable-actuated steering systems, this GHP Reactor below-deck autopilot system gives captains that “extra set of hands” they need so you can safely attend to your sails, lines, winches and radios without worry. Garmin GHP Reactor, with its solid-state 9-axis AHRS, mounts anywhere, in any orientation and requires minimal commissioning.

This amazing autopilot actually reacts to the sea to hold your course. Even when the boat is pitching and rolling in rough water, you can remain confident that the GHP Reactor autopilot will keep you on your desired course.

All autopilots require commissioning and calibration, however, with the GHP Reactor autopilot what is normally a 20 minute process is reduced to as little as 5 minutes.

In addition to holding its course in virtually all weather and wind conditions, the system can smoothly perform a variety of pre-programmed trolling and search procedures.

Steering TypeHydraulic
Display4" color LCD
Control TypePushbutton
ProcessorPart of GHP 20 SmartPump
Rudder FeedbackSystem does not require mechanical feedback unit.
CompassReactor Heading sensor
Drive UnitGHP 20 SmartPump
Remote OptionsMultiple GHC 10/20 control heads or GHC 10 wireless remote
InterfaceNMEA 0183; NMEA 2000
DimensionsControl head: 4.3"W x 4.4"H x 1.9"D
WarrantyTwo Year